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    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 27, 2008

    Colonies Edition adds new multiplayer content and a handful of additional single-player modes to Capcom's snowy third-person shooter.

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    This Is How You Do A Rerelease 0

    While Ubisoft simply puts a number two on the end of their expansion packs and declares them a sequel to justify charging you another $60, Capcom steps in and shows how it should really be handled.  They've added a truckload of new content, improved the netcode & framerate, put in cross-platform play, and re-shipped the game for a mere $30.This is similar to titles in the past like DMC3 Special Edition, or Ninja Gaiden Black.  If you're a newcomer interested in seeing what Lost Planet has to...

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    Lost Planet Colonies - Full Review 0

    Capcom has been very aggressive in releasing Xbox 360 titles so far in the cycle; Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising and Lost Planet.  All three games have been warmly accepted into Microsoft's lineup as they fit perfectly into their target audience, which mainly amounts to hardcore gamers looking for strong game mechanics alongside gorgeous visuals.To me, Lost Planet is the only game that hasn't gotten the proper respect it deserves.  It did reasonably well in stores, but had a luke warm reception fr...

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    Great game, great price! 0

    With all the mixed opinions about Lost Planet, it is hard to take it very seriously, but after playing this game for about four hours I was sold. At first the game seems to move much too quickly, starting you off in a underground complex with your father and a group of men, retreating from a horde of alien creatures known as the Akrid. Pretty soon you find yourself immersed in a cinematic like experience, running from a giant Akrid known as Green-Eye, your squad mates cover your back while you r...

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    Another Capcom Hit, Now Available For PC 0

    I'm sure a lot of people were sort of mutual about Lost Planet on Xbox 360. It was a solid part action adventure, part mecha romp back when console exclusives still did mean something. Yet if you fast-forward a year later into 2008, besides having a PS3 AND PC port, the re-released Colonies edition made Lost Planet even more readily available outside of the Xbox circles. So much so that I eventually took the plunge and picked up the alternative computer copy. And I will say this now: I prefer th...

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