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A fun, focused shooter. 0

Lost Planet is a prime example of Capcom’s development procedure. Build a game and then stitch on some context to add texture and reason to the world you’re involving yourself in. Well, granted, this how most developers prioritize, but Capcom’s incompetence in this field is glaringly obvious right from the opening cut-scene. The narrative plods, crawls around and dares you to not guffaw. Still, it’s something you should try to ignore, because Lost Planet provides a weekend’s worth of fun, as the...

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 1

Lost Planet seemed to have a lot of potential when I first started.  To begin, I got it in a five dollar deal on Steam, so it wasn't going to be a big waste of money no matter how the game was.  The entire game taking place on a freezing, snow-covered planet was a unique and non-terrible idea.  The grappling hook is a neat little device for getting around.  The large insect-like Akrid make for a somewhat interesting foe.  The "Vital Suit" mechs are a cool way to mix up the standard run and gun s...

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Excellent Game, But Get Colonies Instead 0

What impressed me most about this game was the multiplayer.  Its focus on Japanese fighting game style tech rolls and i-frames really makes it different from every other shooter on the market, as does the emphasis on platforming and grappling in very vertical levels.  The single player is a blast for one or two run-throughs, but the multiplayer has kept me coming back for a year and a half now.  It has a sizeable community, too, although most if not all have moved on to Colonies.If you're consid...

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Extreme Condition improves upon the original in many aspects. 0

 Lost Planet: Colonies is the same game that was released in January 2007, approximately a year and half ago. While I rented Lost Planet when it first came out, I didn't enjoy it very much and never bought it. That being said, I've changed my mind about this title. I'd like to break it down first by the Pros/Cons, then gameplay, multiplayer, sound/graphics, and value. But before I go into that, you may be asking what's different from the original Lost Planet. Well not only is it cheaper, but it ...

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Rent it First 1

Lost Planet came out on 360 roughly a year ago now capcom have decided to port over its arctic shooter to the PS3 with some decent results. The best way to describe lost planet is conundrum it takes quite a while to wrap your head around the controls, which is this games first fatal flaw. The controls are so awkward take for example zooming in and out is handled with the D-pad instead of clicking the R3 this will frustrate many shooter fans like myself but you eventually get use to it. Aiming is...

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While rather shallow, Lost Planet is an enjoyable experience. 0

When Capcom's Lost Planet hit the shelves, I was one of the first to buy it. While I was not disappointed with its pretty graphics and abundance of aliens to kill, its tangled and uninteresting story makes it a pretty mediocre game. h are in essence mechanised suits that your character can climb into and dish out a whole load of firepower in the form of chain-guns to devastating grenade launchers. These suits are an imperative part of the game and in destroying some of the more hardy Akrid creat...

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Lost Cause 0

I entered into Lost Planet: Extreme Condition expecting nothing more than a Starship Troppers clone in the snow. What I got out was a very japanese game with very stupid story and bad controls.   The story of Lost Planet is as follows, in the year T.C -80 Humans have left earth for no reason to venture out into the galaxy and find a planet named E.D.N III to live on, but shorty after they set up shop they discover the Acrid weird insect like creatues ranging in size and stupidty. Well Human's fl...

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It Should have Stayed Lost 0

 Lost Planet to put it quite bluntly is one of the worst titles I have played this year, and one responsible for more frustration than any other. The myriad of flaws in the game come together to create a highly frustrating poorly construed third person shooter that seems to be making an attempt to return to the old school days of shoot em ups and failing miserably by not really delivering on the fun. Lost Planet takes place on a ice covered frozen world which humans are colonising, unfortunately...

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