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Lucha Fury was a local only 4-player brawler similar to games like Final Fight. The luchadores have a standard repertoire of punches and kicks as well as unique wrestling moves and team based special attacks. There are also weapons scattered around each stage that can be used to attack enemies with like crates and exploding barrels. Aside from the brawler portion, there are also platforming sections and boss battles to break up the action.


We hardly knew ye.
We hardly knew ye.

As of December 7, 2011, barely six months after release, Lucha Fury has been delisted from Xbox Live Arcade, making this one of the fastest games to be removed from the service.

The iOS version was delisted on Dec 06, 2012.

Street Wrestler

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On January 5, 2012 mobile company Chillingo acquired the rights to Lucha Fury since Punchers Impact, the company who developed the game, closed down before it even arrived on XBLA. Candy Box Studios then proceeded to port it to iOS devices under the name Street Wrestler. This version has redesigned stages with portability in mind and makes slight tweaks to the gameplay to make it feel less sluggish. However, Street Wrestler appears to have more glitches and collision detection issues that were not originally present in Lucha Fury.

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