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    Lynx is one of the main antagonists of Chrono Cross. His innate color is black.

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    Basic Information

     Lynx is the main antagonist in Chrono Cross. He switches bodies with Serge allowing for the player to battle as Serge in Lynx's body. Like Serge he fights with a swallow in battle, but his innate color is black. When he is in his own body he uses a scythe as a weapon.


          Lynx is one of the main antagonists in Chrono Cross. Lynx is a feline demi-human. A demi-human in Chrono Cross is someone who is half monster and half human. Lynx knows a great deal about everyone in the world of Chrono Cross, especially Serge. Lynx lived in Viper Manor with the Acacia Dragoons and was searching for the Frozen Flame. He was using the Dragoons for their power, money, and access to the dragon tear. Lynx uses the dragon tear so that he can switch bodies with Serge. Lynx switched bodies with Serge, because he needs the body of a “Chrono Trigger”. A “Chrono Trigger” is someone who has the potential to change history, and travel between the dimensions. Chrono from Chrono Trigger was a “Chrono Trigger”. Once Lynx switched bodies with Serge he put Kid under a spell to make her evil, and then crossed over to Serge’s home dimension. At that point the character plays as Serge in Lynx’s body for a portion of the game. Serge must then go to the and confront Lynx. However, before he can do that he has to get his old body back by being reborn. Once Serge is Reborn he goes to Chronopolis in the to confront Lynx. Serge defeats Lynx once and for all, and defeats the super computer FATE as well.

    True Identity

    Lynx in the fires of the orphanage.
    Lynx in the fires of the orphanage.
           Lynx is revealed to be Serge's father Wazuki, he was brainwashed by FATE. Serge was bitten by a panther demon as a child, and needed medical treatment. Wazuki and his friend Miguel brought Serge to see the elder of Marbule so he could be healed. A terrible storm threw their ship off course, and they ended up in the sea of Eden. The storm also knocked the super computer FATE offline for a short period of time. Serge looked at the frozen flame and was cured of his illness, and was also chosen as the arbiter of time between Lavos and the beings of the planet. When Wazuki looked into the flame the deepest fears of his heart were realized and it slowly started to eat away at his mind. Wazuki brought Serge back to their home town of and FATE rebooted. Wazuki showrtly thereafter  gave in to FATE, and turned into what Serge feared the most the demi-human form of a panther. Wazuki was told to drown Serge so that FATE could regain control of the frozen flame. This was however, did not work because there was another defense mechanism on the flame that FATE did not know about. In the year 1015 A.D. Lynx and Harle try to get (from Chrono Trigger) to open the defense mechanism. The mechanism is another character from Chrono Trigger, Prometheus (Robo). does not go along with them and they burn down her orphanage. Kid, who lived with witnessed the event as a young child and it made her hate Lynx for the rest of her life. This event can be replayed in the game, and Lucca's house has the same layout it did in Chrono Trigger. 

    How to recruit

     Lynx is not technically recruitable. The player is however, given the opportunity to play as Lynx when he and Serge switch bodies through the Dragon Tear at Fort Dragonia. 


    Glide Hook-  Acquired at star level 3. Lynx runs at a single enemy and attacks them by jumping up with his swallow.
    Feral Cats - Acquired at star level 15. Lynx summons a barrage of black cats, which fly across the screen and attack every enemy.  
    Forever Zero - Acquired at star level 35. Lynx crates a black aura around his hand, which grows and eventually envelopes the whole screen attacking every enemy.

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