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Massive patch needed. 1

This years version is a sloppy glitch filled cheating waste of $60.  The game will constantly cheat you by gliding players to make catches or block you.  It's all very apparent when you use the replay system.  How many times have you come around the offensive line to be magially held in place before an AI player will glide over to block you?  How many times have you seen an AI WR glide to a ball that they had no chance to make?  How many time have you seen the AI QB throw the ball the same time ...

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Save yourself 65 bucks. 1

First off disregard every review you have read from sites such as these .   I've been playing Madden for many years,  I'm 34 and have played just about every version since the SNES and Genesis days.  That being said I'm also of the camp that believes that sim football should be represented more then over the top arcade gameplay especially when dealing with the NFL license.    Well if you feel the same as I do then avoid this game like the plague.  While there have been improvements such as crisp...

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Teach a man to fish... 0

There exists an impenetrable wall, 52 1/3 feet tall, that keeps me from figuring out sports games. I can’t quite comprehend the wall’s existence, or who built the wall (probably John Madden himself), but I know that this wall doesn’t let me function well at simulation sports games. I’ll admit that I am not much of an expert on sports that don’t involve shirtless men holding each other’s bodies, and that I can quickly list all the things I know about football right about now.  -Ben Roethlisberger...

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Madden improves gameplay, sells soul 0

The Madden franchise is almost as old as console gaming. And over the years it has grown up to become a money maker and stand alone franchise every gamer and non-gamer can recognize. With this new installment EA both improves on the slowly stagnating series making it accessible to those new to football games but also sets in motion the possible death of the Madden games forever.   I haven't played a Madden game in about 5 years, so popping this into the disc tray was almost a new experience alto...

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madden 11 not bad 0

after this,it went downhill,madden 10 everyone like because despicing 12,13,25,15 and 16.the new ones suck,yep,the other 4 no differnt,just like Madden 10 or 11,don't like the ones after that,sorry, ea ruin my favorate game series in tn drain,alright.ea is trash sometimes....

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Madden madness 0

Madden was established it self as a big part of sport football game and is king for a reason its is always evolving and change with the time weather it be platforms or new innovation in game play madden 11 is a game any one can easy understand and play in minutes its new play flow system makes it so that the action is never slowed down. this is a must for any madden fan and if your just getting into the series this is the one to get....

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Do you like realistic football? 0

The big question this year for football fans is, do you like realistic football?  If you say yes, then Madden 11 is for you.  Madden 11 is a lot like previous versions of Madden but the tweaks that were made were done to create a more realistic experience.    Gone are the days of 300+ plays to choose from before a play starts, now with the gameplan option you choose the plays that work for you and the game will automatically choose this for you.  At first glance this may seem like a dumbed down ...

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It's in the Gameplay 0

This years Madden marks yet another installment to a franchise that has had more dips, jukes, and spins than Chris Johnson himself, but does this one manage to hurdle past all the annoying glitches and kinks? The answer is somewhat mixed, but this years Madden is definitely the best one in recent years.  The gameplay, with the addition of Gameflow and the new locomotion system, the gameplay is now quicker and more intuitive, and most importantly more realistic. Now, I can drive my Eagles down th...

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Madden 11 Review 0

By - Tom M.Before I formally start my review, I felt I should let explain my history with the Madden franchise; that is to say, there isn't much of one. I've dabbled with various iterations, but not enough to say I'm knowledgeable about them. While other reviews will compare how things have improved from previous years, that obviously won't be in the scope of this review. I don't have emotional ties to the series, so my perspective is not going to be the norm. Think of it as an extremely fresh-f...

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