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Magnus is a powerful human warrior in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is first encountered early in the game when Pit embarks on a mission to defeat Dark Lord Gaol. Magnus's strength is such that he catches both Pit and Palutena off guard; he's the only human that had made it into Gaol's fortress. Pit aids Magnus, and the two fight through the rest of the fortress before confronting Gaol together. It is revealed that Magnus and Gaol share a history with each other, and when Gaol is defeated, the Dark Lord is revealed to be a human girl. Distraught by what he's done, Pit desires to help, but is whisked away by Palutena, who says that the girl is still alive.

Magnus is not seen again until Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos. Pit, whose soul has become trapped inside a ring, changes hands several times before being found by Magnus. When Magnus puts the ring on, Pit takes control of his body. It is through Magnus that Pit learns several horrifying turns of events. Three years had elapsed since he was first trapped inside the ring, and Palutena has apparently gone mad. The formerly benevolent goddess is now waging war against the humans she once protected. In control of Magnus, Pit locates his body, now a soulless puppet, and defeats it. Magnus then puts the ring on Pit's finger, restoring the angel's soul to his own body. The two part ways when Viridi whisks Pit away.

Magnus appears one more time in Chapter 24. He and Gaol, now returned to her own self, team up against Pit in battle as one of Dyntos's challenges.

As a human, Magnus is able to see and hear Pit, but he cannot communicate directly with Palutena. Therefore, when he hears Pit speaking to Palutena, it sounds as though the angel is talking to himself. While on the mission to defeat Dark Lord Gaol, he accuses Palutena of sleeping on the job due to the amount of trouble that has engulfed the human world, which leads Palutena to think of Magnus as a jerk.

As a Player Character

When in control of Magnus's body in Chapter 18, Pit is limited to the use of the warrior's large sword as his only weapon. However, Magnus's strength makes up for his lack of angelic abilities.

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