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    Maid Uniform

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    Uniforms worn by female cleaning staff. The concept of a maid uniform has also become popularly fetishized.

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    A maid uniform is a style of uniform worn by female cleaning staff. The popularized concept of such a uniform typically consists of a black dress, a white apron, and a hairband or cap of some sort. They are typically associated with maids that work in upper-class or noble settings.

    Culturally, such maid uniforms have also been the subject of popular fetishization. In the west, a "French maid" uniform is a variation of the outfit meant to be more sexually provocative, with elements such as a shorter skirt, a lower neckline, the addition of high heels, and so on. In Japan, maid uniforms are something of a trend; some cafes have their waitress staff dress in traditional maid uniforms, and a number of anime, manga, and video games over the past decade have featured maids in prominent roles.

    Examples of Use

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

    In Persona 3, the main character's homeroom class votes to run a maid cafe during the school culture festival. The festival is ultimately cancelled due to weather concerns. However, in Persona 3 FES, the player can acquire maid uniforms as special armor for the female party members. When equipped, they will appear dressed as maids while inside Tartarus. The same holds true in Persona 3 Portable, with the addition of the female main character also being able to wear the uniform, as well.


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