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    Malibu Interactive was a game developer and publisher and developer active in the early 90s. The company closed down in 1994, after their parent company was acquired by Marvel. They primarily developed games and conversions for the Sega CD and Sega Genesis systems

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    Malibu Interactive was an American/UK games developer which worked primarily on developing console games for a western audience, usually focusing on sports games. They were founded in 1992 when their previous incarnation, ACME Interactive, merged with Malibu Graphics Publishing Group to form Malibu Comics Entertainment. Malibu Interactive was a division of this new company. As well as its American employees, Malibu also hired developers from the UK, including several who previously worked for Ocean Software.

    Between 1992 and 1994, the company developed a number of console games, largely focusing on the Sega systems of the era but with a fair number of Super Nintendo and home computer products as well. At some point, several employees left to form Neversoft, Left Field Productions and Clockwork Tortoise.

    In 1994, Malibu Comics Entertainment was acquired by the Marvel Entertainment Group. Malibu Interactive was sold off to GameTek, becoming Padded Cell Studios.

    Not to be confused with Malibu Games, a THQ publishing label also active during the mid-'90s. The two separate companies worked together on Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball.


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