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Marauder's Mire is an island somewhere between Antonica and Odus in the Buried Sea. Its precise location is unknown because traveling to the island was only possible by teleportation. The undead pirates that inhabit the island once invaded the shores of Qeynos but were successfully turned away by the Knights of Thunder along with the help of a select few who journeyed to the source. The island has since been lost to adventurers of Norrath. It is unknown as to whether these undead pirates will ever return.

Legends Exclusive

Marauder's Mire was a zone exclusive to the Legends server. The geography of the zone was identical to that of Erud's Crossing while the creatures were different.

EverQuest Legends

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On February 4, 2002, Sony Online Entertainment launched a premium server for EverQuest which they called the Legends server. The actual name in the server list was Stormhammer (in the name of the king of Kaladim). At the time, EverQuest's subscription fee was $9.95/month whereas the Legends server cost $39.95. For this significantly increased price, players were promised many new features as well as the ability to transfer their character to this new server instead of starting from scratch. Sign-ups were limited to the first 8000 players. A team at SOE, referred to as the Legends Quest Team, was put together to create content specifically for this server and were funded entirely by Legends revenue as to not detract from "normal" EverQuest content.


  • Calendar - Keep up with all of the special events planned by the Legends Quest Team.
  • Character Page - An individual character profile page on the EverQuest website.
  • Guild Hall - A guild page on the EverQuest website featuring member rosters, history, calendar, message boards, and more.
  • Legendary Items - Items earned from unique quests that feature the name of the first player to complete it (i.e. _______'s Rusty Dagger).
  • Maps - Interactive map (EverQuest did not feature in-game maps at the time).


The Legends server was announced just two months after the release of EverQuest's third expansion, The Shadows of Luclin, which was widely regarded as an unfinished expansion when it launched. The announcement of this premium server angered many players as it was viewed as though Sony Online Entertainment was ignoring the many issues that existed after the launch of Luclin in favor of creating exclusive content for those who were willing to pay more for it. Despite the backlash, SOE still met their goal of 8000 sign-ups for the new server.


Due to low population, after nearly four years, the Legends server (Stormhammer) was shut down on February 1, 2006.


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