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    Odus is a small continent in the world of Norrath.

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    Odus is a small continent in the world of Norrath. Due to its relatively small size in comparison to Antonica, it is sometimes referred to as an island. Despite the limited surface area, Odus has a diverse range of locales including dense forests, tropical beaches, lush jungles, and snowy mountains. The native creatures of Odus include fierce kobolds and several tribes of feline people most commonly referred to as Kerrans. Erud, a resident of Qeynos and powerful wizard, felt he and his people had evolved beyond humans, much like the humans evolved beyond their barbarian cousins. His people, which became known as the Erudites, came to this land seeking to establish their own city after sailing across the Vasty Deep from Qeynos. Differences between the Erudites and those of them who wished to practice necromancy, the Heretics, led to a great civil war. This war was unlike any ever waged on the face of Norrath. It was almost entirely fought through the arcane arts of magic. At the culmination of the war, the intense and massive amount of magical energy exploded, ejecting a large chunk of earth into orbit, thus creating what would become known simply as The Hole. The natives of Odus as well as the continent itself were affected in irreversable ways.


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