Stonebrunt Mountains

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    The Stonebrunt Mountain range stretches north and south through the continent of Odus separating the Barren Coast from the Toxxulia Forest.

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    Kejekan Village
    Kejekan Village

    Stonebrunt Mountains is a truly unique region. The northern part of the area coated with thick snow year-round, but as the mountains roll south, they are met with a dense jungle, and then sharp cliffs that drop to a beach that faces the gulf to the south. A waterfall at the northeastern most reaches of the mountains flows all the way to the Gulf of Uzun. Wizards and druids have recently learned the ability to teleport to this distant land, otherwise, the only way to reach the mountains would be by passing through the underground lair of kobolds known as The Warrens. Many camps of kobolds can be found in the southern half of the mountain range, which will test groups of adventurers' skills in managing packs of enemies. The largest of the snowy peaks to the north is known as Mount Klaw. Upon this peak is a small village of Kerrans known as the Kejeka tribe. The Kejeka are a spiritual people and seek to protect the secrets of their encampment from all others. They are generally friendly to visitors, yet hesitant to reveal much of their ways of life. They long for a day when they can coexist with the Erudites, but are content with their anonymity for now. While the Kerrans of Kerra Isle are a matriarchal society, it is obvious that the Kejekans are a patriarchal one. The shaman of the village are the authority, while a house of monks teach the younglings the ways of combat by use of claws and teeth. The females of the village are generally the workers and gatherers.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    Notable Items

    • Ball of Burlap Yarn
    • Blood Crusted Kobold Mace
    • Blood Crusted Whip
    • Blue Bamboo Armor
    • Footpads of the Tiger
    • Forlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek
    • Gargantuan Panda Pelt
    • Giang Yin's Claws
    • Gloves of the Rock Climber
    • Mantle of the Elder Serpent
    • Prowling Leopard Leggings
    • Spirit Reaver
    • Reinforced Bamboo Weapons
    • Robe of the Great Panda
    • Titan Blessed Tachi

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