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Paineel is now a thriving city above ground where Erudites who have chosen to follow the teachings of the god of fear, Cazic-Thule, practice dark magic. The Cazicites of Paineel say that the earth itself is infused with powerful magic in this region of Norrath, giving them even more skill. Visitors of any kind are not often welcome here. Most would not even recognize the entrance to the city, as it is a lift hidden within the stone cliffs surrounding The Hole. A field of rolling hills known simply as The Yard lies outside the city walls where young pupils can test their fledgling skills against bats, rats, and other critters without fear of the self-righteous Erudites attacking them in Toxxulia Forest. The citizens of Paineel walk amongst the undead they have summoned to protect the city. The city itself is divided via teleporters much like Erudin. The first section of town includes shadow knight guild known as The Fell Blade and an arena for practice between trainees. The second section of town is the busiest as it features many shops selling all kinds of goods, the city's bank, and The Abattoir, which is the guild hall for the necromancers of Paineel. The final portion of the city is where Darkglow Palace can be found. Just outside the palace are a few more shops and also the Tabernacle of Terror, where a fearsome guild of clerics study the ways of fear. The residents have also built an observation deck on the opposite side of The Hole only reachable via teleportation from within the city, which allows them to keep watch over all those coming in from Toxxulia.

Neighboring Zones


Starting City


  • Heretics

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
The AbattoirNecromancersAntus Shelbra
The Fell BladeShadow KnightsMandaril Dark Knife
Tabernacle of TerrorClericsSadorno ChomoshCazic-Thule

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Athenaeum NecromantiaRare Spells
False IdolsPotteryKiln
The Fell BladePlate Armor, Chain Armor, Slashing WeaponsSmithingErud Forge
The Final ReckoningBank
Fortune's FancyJewelry
Good Iva's Tasty TreatsFood, WaterBakingOven
Shackled SpiritsAlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
Sinfully HandsomeCloth Armor, Leather ArmorTailoringLoom
Superior SuppliesFood, Water, Bags


Notable NPCs

Going to The Hole
Going to The Hole

Notable Items


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