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Kaladim the underground stronghold of the dwarves. They are a proud people and welcome any good-natured visitors to buy, sell, and trade their wares, for the dwarves offer some of the best blacksmithing on Norrath. The dwarves will not tolerate any visitors of the dark allegiances without extensive work to prove their worth. Upon passing through the elaborate gates of the city from Butcherblock Mountains, paths extend to the west and east. To the west are many homes, shops, and an arena in front of the city's warrior guild. To the east is Stormhammer Hold, the home of King Kazon Stormhammer. The Hold is one of the most magnificent displays of architecture one will ever see. King Stormhammer struggles every day with the problems facing his people, now especially with the alliance between the nearby orcs and the despised dark elves.

North Kaladim is the deepest part of the dwarves' city. They are highly protective of the caves here, for they provide the dwarves with riches in various forms. The city's bank is not far from these glittering caves. Conveniently, so is the rogue's guild. Near the bank resides Murlond Everhot, known the world over as the finest weapon maker alive. Due to his age he does not often make the weapons himself anymore, trusting the shop to his only son while his brother offers some of the best armor available anywhere. The guild halls for clerics and paladins devoted to the Duke of Below, Brell Serilis, can also be found here. With the Stormguard on patrol, Paladins of the Deep next door, and deadly blades of the rogues just outside, anyone attempting to rob Kaladim's bank must have a death wish.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


  • Clerics of Underfoot
  • Kazon Stormhammer
  • Merchants of Kaladim
  • Miners Guild 249
  • Miners Guild 628
  • Paladins of Underfoot
  • Storm Guard

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
The AxethrashersBerserkersDravel Axethrasher
Miners Guild 249PaladinsDatur Nightseer
Miners Guild 628RoguesMater
Stormguard HallWarriorsFurtog Ogrebane
Underfoot CathedralClericsPriestess GhaleaBrell Serilis

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Creekside AlchemistPotions
Everhot ForgeSlashing Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Piercing Weapons,
Plate Armor, Chain Armor
Smithing, JewelryForge
Greybloom FarmsFoodOven, Brew Barrel
Gurtha's WareCloth Armor, BootsPotteryOven, Pottery Wheel, Kiln
Irontoe's EatsFood, Alcohol
Kaladim MinesSmithing, Jewelry
Pub KalAlcoholBrew Barrel, Loom
Redfist's MetalWeapons, ShieldsStormguard Forge
Staff and SpearBlunt Weapons, Piercing WeaponsFletching
The Stout PackBags
Tanned AssetsLeather Armor
Watsbone Treasure &
Assay Office
Bank, Throwing WeaponsPottery Wheel, Kiln


Notable NPCs

Paladin Guild Hall
Paladin Guild Hall

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