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Starship Mario now approaching the final galaxy, the Grandmaster Galaxy. 
Starship Mario now approaching the final galaxy, the Grandmaster Galaxy. 
The main hubworld in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in this area shaped like Mario's head you can collect star bits as well as 1-ups.  This "face-ship" is used to travel to the games many galaxies and explore them.


The Spaceship Mario is a very complex piece of archetecture. It was designed by the most elite Luma's gathered around the universe. It uses advanced star powered engines and is actually quite fuel efficient. Additionally, the exhaust is not a pollutant and is quite ecologically friendly. Additionallym the space ship has a traditional captain's wheel for navigation, and a telescope to see a relative position in the galaxy.
The ship has a number of residents, mainly Luma's, but additional creatures from galaxies can board the ship. Some notable people that have boarded are Luigi, the bank toad, the gambling dice Luma, a penguin, and the chimp. Additionally, the Toad Brigade's mushroom ship has anchored itself to the main ship, and they often move from area to area. Additionally, the ship is able to call on any straggling Hungry Luma so Mario can use its services.
The Starship is also able to support a earth-like atmosphere and harbor plantlife. Inside, however, is a room with the gambling Luma, and the engine room.

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