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    Yoshi Star Galaxy

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    The second galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario needs 1 Power Star in order to get there. This is also the galaxy where Yoshi can be used.

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    The Yoshi Star Galaxy is the second galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. In this galaxy, Mario needs to use Yoshi in most of the galaxy. There are 3 missions in the main game, and 3 Green Star Missions if the player has 120 Power Stars. Here are the 3 missions in the game:


    • Saddle Up with Yoshi - In this opening mission, Mario needs to use Yoshi throughout the galaxy. Along the way, Yoshi can eat any enemy and flutter jump their way to the crystal. Once Mario breaks the crystal, then a Power Star will appear. Get the star to finish the mission.
    • Spiny Control - This one is about Lakitus and Spinies. Use Yoshi in this mission to eat the Spinies and make their way to the boss of the galaxy, Giga Lakitu. Defeat Giga Lakitu to earn a Power Star.
    • Spiny Rainbow Romp - In this third mission, Mario has to defeat 30 Spinies using the power of the Rainbow Star but, he only has 60 seconds to defeat them all. If you do, then you'll get a Power Star!

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