To PC users with a high-end GPU: Are you able to play this at ultra settings at 60 FPS?

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#1 Posted by RikiGuitarist (226 posts) -

I've read some articles that BioWare was targetting 1080p/30 FPS at their recommended specs level, which is kind of disappointing to me. So I was wondering, with all the settings maxed out, has anyone been able to get an average of 60 FPS or above? Please also post your PC specs too :D

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#2 Posted by OurSin_360 (5195 posts) -

At 1080p i can. Gtx 1080/ i5 6600k. Nvidia doesn't have a driver release for this game specifically yet. I'm playing ultra at 70% scaling of 4k (whatever that actually is) 50-60fps so far.

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#3 Posted by Carryboy (1078 posts) -

gtx 1060, 1080p 60fps with a few frame drops in the mid 50s

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I hope nvidia has a driver at launch. I can't play the game until 23rd when it is released here. I've got a GTX 1070 so I should be ok for 1080p ultra I hope. The only spec I don't meet is the CPU. I've got the minimum 3570k. But I hope the overclock and my 1070 will compensate.

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#5 Posted by soulcake (1398 posts) -

I am getting a lot off frame drops but i am running a 770 on medium setting from 60-30 fps drops :'(

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#6 Posted by AlisterCat (7680 posts) -

I quit out the intro because on ultra I was definitely getting less than 60 on a 1070. I'm at 1440p though which has been a pain as far as maintaining framerate.

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#7 Posted by Fruitcocoa (670 posts) -

I'm on a 1070 and have been running 60fps with few and very minor drops.

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Paid EA their blood money so I can try the game out early on pc to see how it runs. Currrntly got it pre ordered for PS4 pro cause I was worried about performance. May switch over depending on how it runs. Also, I gotta see how this game is for myself given the insane about of variety in opinions

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#9 Posted by Zurv (845 posts) -

I have problem running at 4k with two titan X(P) - but.. ugh.. the game itself if the problem not the perf...

i'm so sad...

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#10 Edited by rethla (3616 posts) -

I mean it should run just fine if you ask Bioware. They got less credibility than Nintendo however.

With that said just about any card should be able to run this game properly at ultra settings in 1080p

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Nope. That said, I have a GTX 970, not really such a high end card anymore but still a pretty popular one. Also got an i7 6700k and 16gb of RAM. I am able to get almost stable 60fps with the default High graphical settings. The only issues that are occurring are small 4-6 fps drops each time there is a camera cut which quickly jump back to 60. In heavy action shots with a lot of explosives it can drop down to the high 40's as well but again quickly jumps back up. The latter issues aside, the frame drops happen quick and are hard to notice unless youre using a fps counter. Maybe a driver will fix these issues?

Edit: After playing a bit longer I was getting really bad performance on the first planet you land on. The fps fluctuation was way more noticeable than before. However...turning down the auto resolution scalier to 900p seems to have done the trick. You can definitely tell a difference in visual quality but the FPS stability is dramatically improved.

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Too much tesselation on environment and just like in Witcher 3, you can drop the tesselation multiplier in driver profile without any noticeable difference in image quality.

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#13 Posted by Dezztroy (1082 posts) -

I've only tried multiplayer, but that never drops below 60 (usually sits at 65-70) on ultra at 1080p. I have a 970.

The multiplayer runs great but has some other issues such as audio being fucked.

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Ultra on a 1070 with a 4670k and running at 60+ most of the time, running at 1080p

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#15 Posted by ToTheNines (1596 posts) -

my 970 is struggling to hold 60 fps on high settings. I guess it's time for a change.

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#16 Posted by AthleticShark (1388 posts) -

Get dem 4k animations boii

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#17 Posted by Fezrock (439 posts) -

My 1070 with Ultra settings hits 1080/60+ at all times, except a couple very noticeable moments when it completely slideshows. Basically anytime there's a scene in the 'cinematic camera' where one part of the screen is moving very quickly while the rest of the screen is supposed to be basically static (e.g. a shuttle ride where most of the screen is the interior but some of it is showing space move very quickly outside the windows), the game practically freezes for multiple seconds.

No idea what that's about, but I don't think the problem is on my end and I hoping its something patchable. And I have zero problems in combat, which I would think would be the most graphically intense part of the game.

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