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    Master Asia

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    Master Asia is an antagonist from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. The Undefeated of the East is Domon's instructor, not to mention the winner of the 12th Gundam Fight.

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    Master Asia is most well-known as being the Teacher of Domon Kasshu and the Former King Of Hearts before passing on the title to his star pupil Domon Kasshu, Other then being called Master Asia he is also called "Undefeated of The East" and he earned Neo Hong Kong the right to rule over the Colonies for four years in the 12th Gundam Fight, Master Asia is very unique in the he battles because he is the one and only master of Tohou Fuhai Style Martial Arts (besides Domon Kasshu) and also alot of his battles take place alongside his steed Fuun Saiki who also has its own Mobile Suit after Master Asia's death at the hands of Domon in a final showdown Fuun Saiki becomes Domon's horse.

    Other then being the strong teacher of Domon Kasshu he also had a Dark side his true motives behind finding Domon again was to use him as a replacement life core unit for the Devil Gundam so he could get the Devil Gundam to kill all humanity because he felt that human beings were killing the Earth with the wasteful Gundam Fights after Domon destroys the Devil Gundam and kills his brother Kyoji (The old life core unit for the Devil Gundam) Master Asia challenges Domon to one final battle after Domon was able to overpower Master Asia with the combined power of his Burning Erupting Finger and Sekiha Tenkyoken (Master Asia's ultimate technique) Master Asia realized the error of his ways because if humans were created by the Earth then killing off humanity would do more harm to the Earth in the end.


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