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    Heero Yuy

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    Heero is the main character of Gundam Wing and the pilot of the eponymous Wing Gundam. He is calm, stoic, and determined.

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    Ironically named after a pacifist politician, Heero is the strongest of all the deadly gundam pilots, bar none. With the killer instinct of an experienced assasin and the efficiency of a veteran soldier, Heero does not fit the stereotype of a 15-year old boy. According to one of his mentors, Doctor J, the child known as Heero Yuy (real name Odin Lowe, Jr) is actually a very kind individual, yet chooses to supress his emotions in combat. He believes that emotions have no place in battle, but he also believes that the best way to live life, is through one's emotions. The philosophy was taught to him by his mentor, Odin Lowe (the killer of the politican, Heero Yuy).


    • "I'll kill you."(to Relena Peacecraft/Darlian)
    • "Life comes cheap, especially mine."
    • "If you want to die, stay here. If you want to fight, come with me."
    • "Quatre, I'm not leaving. There is a colony that needs to be defended."
    • "I was lost ever since I was born."
    • "I'll make the pain go away."
    • "Mission accepted."
    • "The way to live a good life is to act on your emotions."
    • "If you're thinking about self-destructing, let me give you one piece of advice: it hurts like hell."(to Trowa Barton)
    • "Even if everything goes mad, I can fight on by believing in myself."
    • "I will... I will... I will... I WILL SURVIVE!"
    • "We can throw our power away, if that's what the people want! That's the difference between us and you!"
    • "Believe in the era we live in!"
    • "Now I'll never kill anyone ever again...I don't have to anymore..."
    • Tell me, Wufei.... How many more do we have to kill?...How many times do I have to kill that little girl and her dog?...Zero won't tell me anything... Tell me, Wufei...
    • "I'll kill Zechs. That's my way of showing thanks."
    • "Mission accomplished."

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