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Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, is one of the greater evils that the player must battle in Diablo 2. He is the eldest of his brothers but was the first to be sealed inside a soulstone by the Horadrim. Once Mephisto broke free from his shackles he set about corrupting the jungles of Kurast and forcing the high priests of Kurast, the Zakarum, into doing his bidding. He took the strongest of the priests, Sankekur and took over his body, essentially resurrecting himself in physical form. The Zakarum proved useful to Mephisto as they helped spread his evil influence throughout the area. When the player finally confronts Mephisto in Act 3 of the game he uses a multitude of different elemental attacks. While he seems to prefer lightning attacks he also has ice and poison attacks in his arsenal which can make the fight a tricky one. The player must defeat Mephisto in order to progress onto Act 4 of the game and continue their hunt for Mephisto’s younger brother, Diablo.

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