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    Deckard Cain

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    Deckard Cain is a scholar, and the last of the Horadrim. He identifies items for the player, in addition to providing advice for various quests.

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    Deckard Cain is a wizened old man present in all the Diablo games. On top of narrating, he is often is involved with much of the story. His duties include advising the player on the best course of action, and, more importantly, identifying his or her enchanted items. In Diablo, he is originally presented as merely Cain, an old man and official elder to the town of Tristram, and thusly insists on charging money to identify items. However, he eventually reveals his past as Deckard Cain, the last survivor of an ancient order of wise men called the Horadrim, who realizes exactly how important the player's mission to stop Diablo from rising is.

    Sometime between Diablo and Diablo II, the Dark Wanderer leads an army of demons in an assault on Tristram, and every inhabitant of the innocent town is butchered save for Cain, who is captured and imprisoned in a cage, left to starve to death. However, he is saved by the protagonist(s) of Diablo II; if actively rescued (by clicking on his cage), he will show his gratitude to the hero by joining him or her on her journey and identifying magical items for free for the rest of the game. However, if the player doesn't click on his cage before he or she leaves Tristram, Cain will use the distraction wrought by the player killing the demons to make an escape of his own to the safety of the Rogue Encampment, and while still thankful for the opportunity to make a run for it, because the player left him to fend for himself, he will charge the player gold for his identification services.

    Despite Diablo III taking place twenty years after the end of the expansion pack Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Deckard Cain appears once again, still around and still capable of providing sage advice and identifying enchanted items, despite now being well over one hundred years of age.

    While he can ramble on from time to time, it's nice to stay a while and listen.

    He is voiced by Michael Gough. Due to his distinctive voice and phrasing, Deckard Cain has become a popular character among Diablo fans, with many tributes including a rap video and a GPS tracking system (as part of Blizzard's 2011 April's Fool's Day joke).

    Famous Quotes

    • You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Cube!
    • Stay awhile and listen!

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