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    "Diablo" is Blizzard's famous isometric RPG, famous for its element of random map generation.

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    The Diablo games take place in a dark fantasy world known as Sanctuary, the mortal realm which lies between Heaven and Hell. In this world the player fights hordes of demons, undead, and other monsters to slay the evil which is corrupting the lands.

    Major Characters

    Player Characters

    Column Head 1Column Head 2
    Character ClassGame Appearance
    AmazonDiablo II
    AssassinDiablo II: Lord of Destruction
    BarbarianDiablo: Hellfire (hacked class), Diablo II & Diablo III, Diablo IV



    Diablo: Hellfire (hacked class)

    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Demon HunterDiablo III
    DruidDiablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo IV
    MonkDiablo: Hellfire & Diablo III
    NecromancerDiablo II
    PaladinDiablo II
    RogueDiablo, Diablo IV
    SorcererDiablo, Diablo IV
    SorceressDiablo II
    Witch DoctorDiablo III
    WizardDiablo III

    Prime Evils

    Diablo - Lord of Terror

    Diablo is one of the three Prime Evils of the Burning Hells. As the Lord of Terror, he is responsible for all of humanities fears, and filling humans with bloodlust. Although Diablo is younger than his two brothers, he is the strongest, and essentially the de facto leader of the three.

    Baal - Lord of Destruction

    Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is one of the Prime Evils who rule over Hell in the Diablo series. Despite being imprisoned within the body of the mage Tal Rasha, he eventually laid siege to Mt Arreat in the hope of destroying Sanctuary's most guarded secret: The Worldstone.

    Mephisto - Lord of Hatred

    Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, is one of the greater evils that the player must battle in Diablo II. He is the eldest of his brothers but was the first to be sealed inside a soulstone by the Horadrim. Once Mephisto broke free from his shackles he set about corrupting the jungles of Kurast and forcing the high priests of Kurast, the Zakarum, into doing his bidding. He took the strongest of the priests, Sankekur and took over his body, essentially resurrecting himself in physical form. The Zakarum proved useful to Mephisto as they helped spread his evil influence throughout the area.

    Lesser Evils

    Andariel - Maiden of Anguish

    Final boss of Act I in Diablo II.

    Duriel - Prince of Pain

    Final boss of Act II in Diablo II.

    Azmodan - Lord of Sin

    Final boss of Act III in Diablo III.

    Belial - Lord of Lies

    Final Boss of Act II in Diablo III.

    Supporting Characters

    Deckard Cain - Last member of the Horadrim

    Tyrael - An Archangel

    Minor Characters

    The Butcher

    The Butcher is (usually, though not always) the first boss in Diablo, who resides in a small corpse-filled room and wields a large cleaver which he uses to maim and kill his victims. The Butcher utters his signature line, "Ah, fresh meat!" and attacks, wielding his namesake weapon: the Butcher's Cleaver.

    In Diablo III, it is revealed that several "Butchers" exist. A new Butcher is the final boss in Act I of Diablo III.


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