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    Leah is a major NPC in Diablo III, where she is introduced as Deckard Cain's assistant and adoptive daughter. Her biological parents are Adria the Witch, seen in the first Diablo, and Aidan, better known as Diablo II's Dark Wanderer.

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    Adopted by Deckard Cain, Leah grows up as an artifact hunter and Horadric researcher alongside her uncle. She helps the player defeat the Lords of Evil and control the Black Soulstone, until her mother Adria betrays the party and turns the soulstone on her. She becomes a vessel for Diablo to invade the High Heavens in. He quickly disposes of this vessel and turns into the Lord of Terror.

    After Diablo's defeat, Leah's body is nowhere to be found. It is speculated that her soul still lives, despite being possessed by Diablo.


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