MLB 11: The Show

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    Sony's MLB franchise returns for the 2011 baseball season, with PlayStation Move and 3D support.

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    Many new features were added to MLB 11: The Show from the previous year's iteration.


    MLB 11 features analog pitching and batting controls for the first time in the series. Players are now be able to pitch, play the field, and bat with the joysticks. The game still allows for "classic" button controls through an option in the control menus. A potential use for the new controls is to have a fielder "fake" a throw to catch inattentive base runners off guard.

    Batting Controls

    MLB 11: The Show also features batting controls using the analog sticks. Once the pitcher begins his windup, the player can pull back on the right analog stick. This will begin the hitter's stride by them lifting up their front foot. As the ball draws closer, the player then pushes up on the right stick in order to complete the swing.

    Check swings are still a possibility as well. They can be completed by simply only nudging the right stick forward and not going the entire way for a full swing.

    Players will also have to try and aim for the ball when swinging in case it is moving left or right.

    Pitching Controls

    Pitching controls have also been revamped to include analog functionality. Players start by selecting their pitch. From there, they will see a meeting in which they pull down on the right stick to start their motion. A yellow line will appear to show how far down the player should push the right stick down. Once they set how hard they want to throw the ball, they will push up on the stick to try and set the perfect location. This is determined by where the pitcher is trying to throw the ball, whether it be inside or outside of the strike zone.

    Fielding Controls

    Another new entry to the series is analog fielding controls. Holding the right stick in a certain direction decides where the fielder will throw the ball. This also opens up the possibility of fake throws to catch runners off guard. This is completed by quick nudges to certain bases as opposed to full on throws.


    The game features a co-operative mode for the first time in the series. This can be done online and offline with another human player or the CPU.

    Players will have the ability to make certain players have specific positions on the field, or even alternate who pitches in each inning.

    Road to the Show

    RTTS Mode has also been revamped for MLB 11. This mode will no longer feature players constantly putting points into various categories in order to meet their "goals." Instead, the game itself will track the player's individual stats for each game and make recommendations based on these stats.

    RTTS will allow players to choose what type of baseball player they want to be from the onset. Hitters can be speedy contact hitters or lumbering home run hitters, and types of pitchers can range from a workhorse pitcher that eats inning without much flash, or a fastball-chucking phenom capable of hitting 100 mph on the radar gun.

    Hitting training in MLB 11 is now more finely tuned to tailor to unique situations. During the course of the game, each at-bat will get a specific letter grade that will determine how much experience is gained. Based on how you perform in a game, the CPU will then suggest certain types of training for you. For example, a batting practice that focuses on plate discipline may be recommended for someone who swings at any pitch that crosses the plate.

    RTTS will also feature more options and dialogue. These include things like asking for more playing time, movement in the batting order, and many others.

    Camera Editor

    A camera editor has been added to MLB 11, another series first. Players will have the option to completely customize where the camera is placed when it comes to actually playing the game. Beyond that, players will also have the option to pick one of the 30 pre-set camera options based on the various real-life television broadcasts for each MLB team.


    Eric Karros joins the commentary booth this year as a replacement for Rex Hudler. He is joined by Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell.

    Move Support

    MLB 11 has support for the PlayStation Move, found exclusively in the Home Run Derby mode. Players must use the Move controller to time their swing just right and hit one out of the park.


    • 311 – “Beautiful Disaster”
    • Big Pun – “100%”
    • Cults – “Go Outside”
    • Edgar Winter – “Free Ride”
    • Funeral Party – “NYC Moves to the Sound of LA”
    • J. Cole – “Blow Up”
    • Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends”
    • MGMT – “Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix)”
    • Passion Pit – “Little Secrets”
    • The Rassle – “Wild Ones”
    • The Scissors – “Let’s Go”
    • The Temper Trap – “Fader (Adam Freeland Remix)”


    Preorders of MLB 11 came with a voucher for a 30-day free trial of MLB.TV, a subscription service offered by the league for the purpose of watching live baseball games in any market.

    A special edition DualShock controller was released to celebrate the game's release. The controller is white with red stitching along the directional pad and face buttons.

    MLB 11: The Show also features a mode for disabled gamers. This control scheme allows disabled gamers to play the game with controls that require single button presses, simplifying the process to allow anyone to enjoy it.


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