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Underappreciated --mk vs dcu is fun,boring,lazy done,funny,well made,sad., all at the same time,, and im waiting for mk

vs dcu number 2;))) ;ppp

now ; have had a blast with this game for many years,,still do,,but it isnt enough for 4 stars,,only 3 actually here why;;);

game is quite good but some things are badly needed,,like more char,,like that the char are equally fair,,morestuff to unlock,,more of more,,not enough,,but still a great game and good atempt=) exelent=)

game fighting mechanics are good,,nice animations and they are smooth,,but the mechanics or graphics used in this crossover game,,also has its faults and flaws,,maybe lack of,time and polish i dont know,,but there are huge riddioculous many cheap stuff u can do i nthe game;p,,just spam barakas move or any moves in general,,u thought spamming special moves was cheap,,but unfortunately the same can be done with yea regular moves;pp

let me start of by saying,,i nthis u can def cheat ur way to the top,,reason for that are many one of them is that u can spam alot,,and take use of the grapchis engine,,there are many weak spots in the graphics and how they used this unreal motor,, ,,,unlikne mk9 ,,where u cant cheat or have advantage at all,,sadly in mk9 u cant do anything to have an advantage other than use ur skillz ( cuz noone of the fighter in mk9 is weaker tha nthe other and they are equally stable and plays same accurate,,as well as their combos ,,special attacks are equally fair and so on and so on,,u get my point;p),,,end of log;p ;) it's True ,,,its more than true its a fact ,,,,,..but with mk vs dcu,,there are a smorgadge of weak spots to take advantage of even if the graphics play of indeed very well,,there are a lott of holes to exploit,,like in Counter-strike when it was at an early level and had holes to exploit;pp,,a u get my point;p

-- meaning if u lag yourself,,that can be an advantage for u,,believe it or not=) if ulag its easier to pul of spam moves,,,or was it when ur oppoonent has a little bit of worse connection than yourself,,means u will have a huge advantage=) ,,gl=)

mk vs dcu is like eating at burger king for the very first time.

well to be honest its fun cuz ed boon makes all mk games fun.

its boring cuz well lats face it im an old guy now:p i need games to be revolutionary now.this game is that and not at the same time,

its a little repetative and can get boring and it can feel idioticly crazy but in a good way.the idea of his game is good and executed well,the story mode is the strongest part of the game..

online is nice/crazy good fun but has it flaws

good: story,the idea is excuted well,i like burger king,the kombat is good but not great,feels revolutionary,vs player,nice to play when drunk

bad: online has some lag and u can quit the match any time to irritate your opponent..a little repetative,feels not revolutionary,the roster is too small that makes the game weaker in many ways,training mode is bad,cuz u have to do combos,just as bad as those konquest mode found in mk games,too few modes&secrets,,its like eating just the chips with ketchup and not the burger..

im hungry for more

well maybe next time we can have that burger :p

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