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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 27, 2018

    A VR game about a mouse on a storybook journey.

    werupenstein's Moss (PlayStation 4) review

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    Great adventure cut short

    This game is easily the best VR experience I've had to date.

    As far as the game is concerned it's a simple adventure game presented as a fairytale about a mouse that must make a journey to save a family member.

    You control the mouse with a standard DS4 to rum jump and some minor combat. Also your cursor is activated with the shoulder buttons to manipulate objects in the world and complete various puzzles.

    The game make takes an extreme twist towards the end which was very interesting.

    The only thing that really put me off was the fact that this is part 1 of a supposed series, it's quite short which isn't necessarily a bad thing for a VR game but I don't really like going in thinking I bought a complete game and then finding out at the end a surprise that this is only part one.

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