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    MRC Multi Racing Championship

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 18, 1997

    Race both on-road and off-road in this Nintendo 64 racing game by Genki.

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    MRC: Multi Racing Championship, also known as Multi-Racing Championship, is a car racing game developed by Genki and published by Imagineer (with Ocean handling overseas sales) for the Nintendo 64 in Japan on July 18, 1997, in North America on August 1997, and in Europe on October 1997.

    The game features both on-road and off-road racing in three fictional courses, with player able to tune one of 10 fictional cars to handle either condition (or both conditions). It features two-player split-screen multiplayer and is one of the earliest games with Rumble Pak support (which can be used in-tandem with the Controller Pak).

    One of the game's main features is its branching path and shortcut system, allowing players to alter their route (such as choosing to go off-road) to best handle their car's strengths. This can be adjusted with not only weather conditions, but with closing off (and opening) branches, making a rudimentary course editor.


    On-Road Cars

    Base Max Speed: 250 km/h

    • Galient (4WD)
    • Tigris (FF)
    • Verno (RR)
    • GTV4 (4WD)

    Off-Road Cars

    Base Max Speed: 195 km/h

    • Kingroader (4WD)
    • Meteora (4WD)
    • DOG/V (4WD)
    • Ocean (4WD)

    Unlockable Bonus Cars

    • Hannya (4WD, base max speed 285 km/h)
    • Deus (FR, base max speed 250 km/h)


    • Sea Side (Easy)
    • Mountain (Normal)
    • Down Town (Hard)

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