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    Myst IV: Revelation

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Sep 29, 2004

    The fourth entry in the Myst series.

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    Atrus' abode, Tomahna
    Atrus' abode, Tomahna

    Atrus contacts you again, hoping to get your opinion on a personal matter. His sons, Sirrus and Achenar, are still trapped from Myst. He and his wife, Catherine, aren't sure if they should release them now or not. They need a third party to decide, so they choose you.

    While reviewing the two ages the sons are stuck in, the power goes out and a vital piece of equipment breaks, so Atrus travels to Rime to get some parts, and tells you to keep an eye on Yeesha, his daughter.

    Some time later, after you restore power, the bridge you're on collapses and you are knocked unconcious. When you come to, it's dark, and Yeesha is nowhere to be found. Now, it's your duty to find Yeesha. But beware; there are far more sinister things going on in the background...


    One of the more difficult puzzles...
    One of the more difficult puzzles...

    Like the other entries in the Myst series, gameplay is very puzzle-based. You wander around the enviornment, discovering more of the story and finding clues, which are key to figuring out the many devices in the ages.


    Over the course of the game, you travel through many different places, including;

    • Tomahna: The home of Atrus and his family, Tomahna is where you explore during the very beginning of the game. It also acts as a hub, connecting you to the other ages.
    • Spire: The age where Sirrus is (or was) imprisoned in, Spire is a dark, gigantic mountain. It features special crystals that have some sort of floating ability (something that is expanded on in the puzzles).
    • Haven: Achenar's personal prison in the game, Haven is almost the complete opposite of Spire. Jungle life thrives throughout (also featured heavily in the puzzles)
    • Serenia: The final age, Serenia is the home of a tribe that Yeesha and her family visit often. Here, the focus is on using what you've learned about Sirrus and Achenar from their respective prison ages, and deciding whether either one or both are evil.


    Myst IV: Revelation - The Soundtrack (Jack Wall)

    No.Track TitleLength (65:09)
    1."Main Theme"4:29
    2."Yeesha's Joyride"1:03
    3."Enter Tomahna"6:37
    5."Achenar's Prelude"0:13
    6."Jungle Landing"3:40
    7."The Swamp"2:25
    8."The Predator"3:59
    10."Achenar Meeting"1:53
    12."Enter Spire"3:30
    13."Prison Level"4:56
    14."Sirrus Defends / Sirrus' Rage"2:31
    15."Nearest Island"2:52
    16."Leaving Spire"1:00
    17."Enter Serenia"3:11
    18."The Monastery"2:12
    20."Hall of Spirits"2:32
    21."The Serenians"2:04
    22."The Revelation / The Sacrifice"2:24
    23."End Game"2:07
    24."Atrus' Speech"1:45

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