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    A free MMORPG once in development at Flagship Studios Seattle, headed by Fate creator Travis Baldree. Following the closing of Flagship, the project was taken over by Korean publisher Hanbitsoft, but in 2013 it was announced that the game's Korean servers would go offline.

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    Players in town
    Players in town

    Mythos is an MMO action-RPG, originally developed by a team at Flagship Studios Seattle that included many former developers of the Diablo franchise, and was led by Travis Baldree, the designer of Fate. Initially created to test network code for Hellgate: London, Flagship decided that the project merited further development into a full-fledged game.

    Development on the game had reached the beta stage when, due to financial and legal issues faced by Flagship Studios (involving a dispute with their Korean partner Hanbitsoft,) the game and its website were shut down. After the closure of Flagship Studios, the Seattle team reformed and started Runic Games, which later produced Torchlight.

    Mythos' development has since been continued by San Mateo-based developer Redbana, a subsidiary of T3 Entertainment, under Hanbitsoft. In December 2013, it was announced that the Korean version of Mythos would shut down on January 23rd, 2014.

    The European version of the game was being published by Frogster in conjunction with Hanbitsoft, but has now been discontinued.


    A boss fight
    A boss fight

    Like Fate before it, Mythos's gameplay and presentation were highly reminiscent of Diablo and other such action-RPGs.

    Flagship's version was known to feature the following classes and races:


    • Bloodletter: Melee based fighter which also can also exploit corpses similarly to necromancers in other games.
    • Gadgeteer: Uses grenades and turret pets against enemies. Also has skills which improve the use of guns.
    • Pyromancer: Attacks with powerful magic flames. Has various other useful abilities.

    In an interview before Flagship's closure, one of the developers stated that a fourth class was being worked on. As they were still in the process of deciding what skills it would have, no further details were given.


    • Satyr - Racial bonus: 20% poison resistance 3 mana
    • Human - Racial bonus: 20% fire resistance 3 health
    • Gremlin - Racial bonus: 20% electric resistance 11 hit bonus
    • Cyclops - Racial bonus: 20% ice resistance 4 defence

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