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Naoto Ōshima was a Sega and Sonic Team game designer. He now runs his own game developer called Artoon. Before Sonic, he was working on the Phantasy Star series. He made the first Phantasy Star for the Master System and the 2nd game for the Genesis. Then Naoto Ōshima  teamed up with Yuji Naka in order to make a mascot that can compete with Mario and can replace Alex Kidd. Naoto Ōshima went to work on making a new character. He went through many animals like a an armidillo, a dog, and many other designs. Then Naoto Ōshima drew a hedgehog next to Madona, and Yuji Naka decided to use the hedgehog, and that's how Sonic was born. For the Sonic games, Naoto Ōshima was the lead designer for the characters in the series. 

Over his time at Sonic Team, Naoto Ōshima helped create many other great games by Sega like Sonic CD, NiGHTS into Dreams, Burning Rangers, and Sonic Adventure. In 1999, Naoto Ōshima decided to leave Sega in order to work on new games. After leaving Sega, Naoto Ōshima began working on games like Silent Hill and Kessen, but later formed his own developing company, Artoon. There he made games for Microsoft like Blinx and make games for Nintendo like Yoshi's Island DS. Naoto Ōshima continues to make great games wiht his company. 

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