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    Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

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    Nautilus is a new League of Legends champion that was released on 02/13/12

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    Nautilus is a very versatile champion whose main focus is on resistances and good crowd control. Nautilus can be useful as a solo top, support/tank bot, or a jungling tank.

    Common Items for Nautilus include:

    • Heart of Gold
    • Mercury Treads
    • Frozen Heart
    • Warmogs
    • Banshees's veil
    • Randuins Omen
    • Aegis of the Legion


    StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
    Attack Damage523.3
    Attack Speed0.6130.98%
    Movement Speed3000
    Magic Resistance301.25
    Health Regen7.450.55
    Mana Regen7.450.7

    Nautilus costs 6300 Influence Points or 975 Riot Points and was added to the game on February 14, 2012.


    • Staggering Blow (Passive): Every 12 seconds Nautilus' basic attack will deal extra damage and snare the opponent briefly. This can be triggered on both enemy champions, minions, and neutral monsters.
    • Dredge Line: This ability is Nautilus' on skill shot. When used Nautilus will throw his anchor at an enemy damaging them slightly and pulling both him self and the enemy until they meet each other halfway. Dredge Line can also be used as a good escape tool. If Nautilus' attaches the anchor to terrain then he will pull himself the full distance toward it.
    • Titan's Wrath: Nautilus' second ability is a shield that scales with his max health. While the shield is active his basic attacks will deal bonus magic damage.
    • Riptide: Riptide is an area of effect damage and slow ability. When activated, three rings of waves will expand outward from where Nautilus is standing damaging and slowing all enemies hit. It is possible for and enemy to be hit by more than on of the rings making it a good chasing skill.
    • Depth Charge(Ultimate): Nautilus' ultimate is a targeted ability. Once a target is selected, a surge of water will travel toward the targeted champion, damaging and knocking up anyone it hits as it moves. Once it hits the target, the champion will take damage, be knocked up, and stunned briefly.

    (All of Nautilus' abilities scale with ability power)


    Upon selection

    • "Beware the depths."


    • "All will drown."
    • "I will have vengeance."
    • "They will pay."
    • "Drag them down."
    • "I will not rest."
    • "Fear the ocean's weight."


    • "Find the guilty."
    • "The tide ebbs."
    • "Peer into the darkness."
    • "Forward, forward."
    • "Lost and forgotten."
    • "Left to die."
    • "Echos from the deep."
    • "The endless march."
    • "Do you hear them calling?"


    • "You are in the deep end now!"


    • "Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down." (swims in the air and hums)

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