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    A tank is a role in an MMO game whose objective is to hold the enemy's attention and protect group members from harm. A defensive-natured class such as a warrior, barbarian, or paladin is typically suited for this role.

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    Tanking involves two primary activities:

    • soaking up damage
    • being able to hold the enemy's attention for long periods of time

    To absorb damage from enemy attacks, tanks traditionally have a combination of a high health pool, strong armor, and the ability to avoid attacks.  Taken together, the tank is able to withstand attacks that would kill other group members.

    To keep the enemy's focus fixed on the tank, the tank usually has a wide arsenal of maneuvers to increase their perceived threat level among enemies.  Sometimes, close proximity to an enemy is enough to keep it trained.  More typically, tanks generate threat by dealing damage and using special abilities which deal little damage but directly increase threat.  Tanks often have passive bonuses to their threat.  If available, a taunt or provoke skill causes enemies to immediately snap their attention to the tank.

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