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    Necromancer Rising

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    Necromancer Rising is a first person dungeon crawler with heavy RPG elements developed for the Iphone

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    Necromancer Rising tells the tale of an evil Necromancer coming to life and beginning to terrorise the residents of a town known as 'New Hope' calling forth the legions of the undead and hell itself to kill - maim and pillage the townsfolk. 
    The player takes the role of the 'Battle Priest' who has been commissioned by the church of New Hope to combat this threat - literally, with his spells, holy protection and arsenal of weaponry - the Battle Priest must launch himself into the 50 levels of the Necromancers lair and face the hordes and minions of hell before facing off with the evil sorcerer himself.


    Necromancer Rising is a first person dungeon crawler with heavy RPG elements developed for the iphone.  
    Compared to most iphone games it contains a largely polished amount of content, such as :-
    • 3d graphics                                                                                                             
    • Voice acting  
    • and a lengthy campaign with save states. 
    • Auto saving
    • Randomly Generated levels
    The game features 50 'levels' layered as dungeons which the player traverses, completing various quests along the way which range from fetch quests, to grinds and boss encounters.  
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    Played from the First Person Perspective, at its core the combat mechanics are reminiscent  of the Thief, or Elder scrolls games with a little bit more "hack n slash" thrown in for good measure. However it also dabbles in the action RPG genre occupied by games such as Diablo, Torchlight, or on the iphones big brother  - the iPad , Dungeon Hunter. 
    Another feature is the ability to 'drag' the UI wherever you see fit, allowing you to place shortcuts, item buttons and even the appearance of the 'joystick' to any position of your choosing.


    The game features a robust equipment selection,  16 'slots' on the player character to equip your loot on  (down to selecting your right elbow pad!!) -  each with different statistics, buffs and colour options, allowing for a decent amount of customisation that is also reflected on the character models. 
    All of the equipment and item management is done via the Inventory screen which is similar to most dungeon crawler games , made up of 'squares' that each item will take a slot in and allowing  
    multiples to be stacked and 'hotkeys' (in the form of touch sensitive short cut buttons) to be assigned to them.
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    Equipment falls into 2 typical types :- 
    Clothing and armour :- 
    • Chest plates
    • Jewellery
    • Helms and masks
    • General clothing such as gloves, shoes, etc.
     and Weaponry, 
    • Axes
    • Swords
    • Maces etc.
    For both equipment archetypes there are commonly 10 types of each particular 'item' so 10 types of long sword 10 types of helm and so on. Whilst there is no Rarity as such given to each item, they do rank each other in usefulness.  
    As well as the two equip types, there are also a multitude of spells available to learn or purchase from the 'hub town' as well as any you learn throughout the dungeons, and also an assortment of items and potions for healing, curing and of course, teleporting back to town (although the default teleport location is every 5th level you clear ). 

    Statistics and levelling

     The way the player gains 'experience' or 'levels' is a little different to most RPGs, you start out with some base statistics influencing you, and rather than adding to them directly or influencing them through an 'xp' system  you rely on item boosts as well as active and passive skills - this of course requires a skill tree which is present and correct, branching off into sub tiers as you progress along it and offering a little variation to your smiting. 


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     The enemies are for the most part, par for the course fantasy fodder - with all manner of skeletons, zombies, demons and rats being staple fodder for your hero although occasionally every few floors will be broken up with a boss , or multiple boss battles. 


    With the world being randomly generated - there is a lot of repetition in the environment, general areas you will traverse however, include dungeons, dark areas - hellish spawns filled with spike and lots of blood covered objects. 
    There is also a hub world in which you can forge items, buy and sell potions and equipment , and visit your 'base' a church with a monk that is both your source of information about the games lore and the protagonist - and the main 'quest' giver. 


    •           There is also a free version of this game known as Necromancer rising lite which starts the character at level 30 and allows a basic run through of how the game plays as well as access to some of the higher tier enemies, weapons, spells and equipment. 
    • The game features full voice acting for the videos and animations as well as NPCs and well received audio design all around.
    • The 3d effects and world are rendered using the 'Soul' engine

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