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No More Heroes was full of style and substance. 1

 No More Heroes was a blast from start to finish. There were real surprises, huge laughs, and gory fun. Hack and Slashers tend to bore me towards the end, but this one didn't and it's twice as long as most Hack and Slashers. It does have faults, mostly the world map and somewhat boring level designs. The positives clearly outweigh the bad, so the No More Heroes is clearly going to stick with me for a while. ----------Battle System---------- No More Heroes is a no frills Hack and Slasher. Th...

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Bloody Fun 0

No More Heroes is a flawed game; I'll just get that out of the way. The graphics and gameplay could be a bit more polished, the story could be a bit more fleshed out, and Santa Destroy, the brilliantly named setting of No More Heroes, could be a bit more alive and interesting. That said, the game is simply put, sick and horrible fun. After my first decapitation and mutilation, I was hooked. Suda 51 managed to tastefully use the Wii-mote waggle (and by tasteful, I mean jerking it violently in a s...

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NMH Review 0

I'm  just going to come right out and say it, I love No More Heroes. I especially loved the humour of the game.  The hilarious dialog and antics by the main character Travis Touchdown give the game just some of it's charm. Travis uses an obvious light saber rip-off called the "Beam Katana" which must be recharged from time to time. To recharge, Travis emulates a masturbating motion, and the player must wave the Wii Remote in the same fashion. Save points are toilets. Travis pulls down his pants,...

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Killing for money - what could possibly go wrong? 0

No More Heroes is one of the few M-rated titles on the Nintendo Wii, and with good reason.  It’s a comic-book inspired kill-fest splattered with ridiculous geysers of blood streaming from the enemies you decapitate or cut in half.  Sexual overtones seep into just about every aspect of the game, from the hilarious titles of overdue porno rentals left on your answering machine to the way you jerk your light saber to recharge it.  And like any good action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriousl...

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The Epitome of Style 0

Style is something that not many games have these days. Most popular games feature a space-marine with a covered face and less personality than a wad of paper running around and, what else! Shooting aliens. None of them can really boast anything "stylish". All they can boast is... well... Brown and grey. From the sea of samey, blood-soaked shooters emerges No More Heroes. Sure, while it is arguably the most blood-soaked game of 2008, it strays from everything we believe a game to be. It laughs i...

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Just brilliant 0

In No More Heroes:Heroes Paradise you play as Travis Touchdown an Otaku who's out of money and just won a Beam Katana on an online auction site. He decides to get money by entering the field of assassination. He's told that theres a League of Assassins and he's aiming for the top the no.1 spot to become the number one assassin in the world. With many twists and turns and a few surprises through the game, No More Heroes offers a very entertaining and enjoyable story. With bloody and entertaining ...

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Strawberry on the shortcake! 0

No More Heroes is a game that not everyone will like. In fact, I bet there are those who will hate the game with a burning passion. But you could say that about any game. And while No More Heroes certainly has its glaring issues, there are a handful of redeeming qualities to be found that make No More Heroes a straight up entertaining experience. Everyone may not appreciate its finer points, but I was one that found myself in the camp that enjoyed the game's wacky sense of humor, in-your-face pr...

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In your face edginess and repetition make this game a stinker 3

I love gore in my games as much as the next guy. Glistening scarlet blood, is their really anything better in our beloved interactive medium? No More Heroes has gore, and it's fantastic. Gore is definitely not its problem, however (it wasn't Killer 7's either). Suda 51's new gen offering has the same old flaws that Grasshopper studios is known for: all flash and no substance. What's even worse is that even the flash will grind on your nerves, with  extensively grating dialog, intentional or othe...

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No More Heroes 0

No More Heroes is what you'd likely call one of the more "hardcore" Wii titles. However that term warrants much less meaning for me these days as any game that isn't a mini-game collection seems to earn the "hardcore" prefix. Hardcore bullshit aside, this is a fun game. But there are so many problems with the game play and flow that I would feel uncomfortable just saying buy it.  He's our man! Our charmingly suave protagonist Travis Touchdown is your ordinary guy. He could be you or I, if you or...

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An Excellent addition to the Wii library 0

The Good: Great dialogue, fun gameplay, good humor, entertaining story, great visual style The Bad: Boring GTA like free-roaming between mission, jobs get repetitive, getting the money   for the next match can be a pain, main story is a little short considering the cost                 No More Heroes is a worthy addition to the Wii library, offering some much needed crazy action for non-casual gamers that should please any action gamer. The game starts out great and the action holds up through-o...

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Much has been made about the Wii being a "kids' toy", or a "party fad for the casual gamer", or even "a showcase for Nintendo's first party titles with extremely poor third party support." Well, I'll attempt to describe just how incorrect No More Heroes makes these statements. Before renting No More Heroes, I waited a few months. It seemed like an interesting idea, but there was so much talk about Suda 51 making such odd games that it took me a bit to take the plunge. After playing for about 15 ...

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When it succeeds, No More Heroes will blow you away. 0

No More Heroes is a difficult game to review. On one hand its absurd sense of humor and fantastic boss fights are one of a kind, but on the other hand the game has some serious issues that can make it hard to recommend to the type of person that can’t look past some of these flaws.But let’s start from the beginning. No More Heroes stars Travis Touchdown, an otaku dirt-bag living in near poverty in the fictional town of Santa Destroy. After winning a beam katana (Which is basically a light saber)...

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The PAL Version the one without blood 0

This is the UK review the version that features no blood just like the Japanese version. The game was published by Rising Star games and it was a shame that the blood was removed but anyway this game is still great. The game is all about Travis Touchdown a guy who loves Manga and wrestling he is an assassin who must kill 10 other people to become the top guy. You play in a free rome city of Santa Destroy to enter fights you have to gain money which is where side jobs come into play. In this gam...

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coconuts are more important than life 0

To put it simply, no more heroes is absolutly awesome. Its a very simple. You wanna be the number 1 assasin. To be the number 1 assasin, you gotta beat the current 11. To beat these 11 though, you gotta pay a entrance fee for each assasin.So it goes like this:work, get moneykill assasinwork, get moneykill assasinwork, get moneykill assasinand so on..Its not as if its boring though which is interesting. Each boss is very interesting and the work is entertaining. Some require you to gather scorpio...

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Suda51 is the Japanese Tim Schafer 0

YOU SAVE BY TAKING A SHIT I was a big fan of the style, story and ambition of Suda51's first title on Gamecube and PS2: Killer 7 so I was watching out for this No More Heroes. Keep in mind I thought the gameplay in Killer 7 was ass shat but the story and atmosphere kept me going through the terrible controls like a Double Fine title.  No More Heroes is a throwback to the real freaks. Otaku city, baby. The anti hero story is hilarious and badass. The gameplay is campy as fuck with all the old sch...

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No More Heroes: Good, gory and mature fun! 0

First thing first, No More Heroes is an awesome game. The gameplay is great, the violence is just right and the comedy dialogue will have you in stiches in no time at all. It really does suck you in and keep you playing for the duration. Also the additional collectables that you can earn in the second run through does allow for some replayablity. However, there are some noticeable flaws which let the game down a little. Some people may find the combat a bit repetitive, especially those in Europ...

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No More Heores Review (Wii) 0

Like the last game from Goichi Suda (aka Suda51) and Grasshopper Studios Killer7, No More Heroes is a game that has style and weirdness to spare. However, unlike Killer7, Suda51 realized to get people to play through his punk rock, anime, and 8-bit nostalgia fueled action game, he needed to craft a good game along with all the wackiness. At this rate Suda51’s third game should be a classic, because No More Heroes is at least half of a great game. No More Heroes tells a much simpler tale than ...

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No More Heroes: Review 0

 It’s that time again for my review of a game that has been out for more than a year… This time it’s Suda 51’s masterpiece, No More Heroes from Grasshopper Manufacture for the Nintendo Wii. Now I’ll be the first to say, I was stoked when I saw the first teasers and trailers for this game, but was hesitant about Suda’s work due to Killer 7. While it wasn’t terrible, it left a sour taste in my mouth. From the moment NMH was booted up, I knew I was going to love what I had my hands on. From its cre...

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No More Heroes Review 0

A lot of action games try very hard to convince players to take them seriously. Resident Evil 4, Heavenly Sword, and God of War are prime examples of this. Luckily, Ubisoft and SUDA-51's No More Heroes is one of those games that doesn't care in the least if it's taken seriously, as it will show you time and time again. Off-beat and irreverent humor abound, curses and excessive violence galore, No More Heroes is one of the most over-the-top action titles ever conceived. The story centers around ...

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Injects a much-needed dose of adult-oriented insanity to the Wii 2

No More Heroes for the Wii might at first glance appear to be nothing more than a sub-par Japanese approximation of the Grand Theft Auto series, with its small, shallow and glitchy open-world driving environment and its penchant (in the US version) for fountains of toe-curdling blood and gore. Appearances can be deceiving, however, and any passing resemblance to GTA is quickly seen to be superficial after a few hours spent with the game. Directed by Killer 7 director Suda51, No More Heroes is...

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Mature? Not really, but still a ton of fun that shouldn't be miss 0

This was the mature action game that every Wii owner was waiting for, and while it may be quite what anyone expected, it is still one of the more solid and original action games available. If you're a Wii owner who is old enough to purchase this game, I'd say it's worth a rent at the very least.The graphics may not be the most technically impressing, but they are certainly interesting. Some people may not appreciate the style Grasshopper decided to go with here, but I really like it. It's very c...

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No More Heroes: A Review By KingreX32 0

No More Heroes was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Ubisoft, Rising Star games and Marvelous Interactive. It was released on January 22 2008 in the states and on February 8 2008 in . It was written and directed by Suda 51 (killer 7 ring any bells) and is one of the best mature titles on the Wii so far. As many fans of the game might know NMH2 is currently a working title and will be released for the early part of 2010. I was surprised as most of the people who played the gam...

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More Heroes, Please 0

Originally written February 20th, 2008. Unlike the other reviews I've been putting up recently, I've gone in and made some changes to this one. Making it better and more readable. No More Heroes is an odd game, though if you know its creator Suda51 then you should also know that this is nothing new for the auteur game designer. You play as Travis Touchdown, a character who should be easy for many players to relate to considering he's your average g...

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Pangster007s No More Heroes Review 0

Overlook the questionable design influences and you'll get a fun hack slash game laden with memorable bosses and satire. ...

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No More Heroes offers a unique art style, some catchy tunes, but 0

Wii Review: No More Heroes No More Heroes is the newest game from Suda-51 and Grasshopper studios, the developers of Killer7. The quality that will attract most people is its unparalleled style that could only come from the mind of Suda-51. No More Heroes offers a unique art style, some catchy tunes, but most importantly: a sense of humor.In the world of No More Heroes, you, Travis Touchdown, are a stereotypical otaku that lives in a motel in Santa Destroy. After winning a Beam Katana, which v...

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Wait what!? this game is coming out on the PS3? Crap! 0

No More Heroes did so many things right and yet got some major things wrong. Well not really, more like one major thing wrong. The game doesn’t need to be a open world sandbox game. It takes too long to move from point A to B just to drive back to where you were.   The game will really remind you of GTA San Andreas. Driving around and buying clothes between missions. And working out to improve your stats. However unlike the GTA series you can’t hurt pedestrians or take their vehicles. So you ar...

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In retrospect, not a good game at all 0

When it came out, many Wii fans were clamoring for more mature titles to offset the deluge of games aimed at family-oriented audiences. The fans were also hoping for a lightsaber game that uses the Wii-mote. What more fun could you have than slicing off heads and limbs with an electric sword by swinging your arm? Finally, the fans were screaming for more hardcore games that have gameplay depth, instead of minigame collections. At first glance, "No More Heroes" sounded like a dream come true, bec...

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Kick off those brakes. 0

Every blue moon there comes a game that blows off the collective dust of unoriginality and breaks the mold. No More Heroes made a great attempt, but did it have the lung capacity to remove the moldy residue from the cookie cutter games we've been seeing lately? Armed with a lightsaber, some killer wrestling moves, great dialogue, interesting enemies, intriguing story, and a unique art style Travis Touchdown manages to atleast cauterize the wound.Travis Touchdown is the main protagonist of this a...

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...a flushing bleh 0

Played Through in Winter 09. So…you play as this dude…who has a serious case of IBS. And when he’s not playing “Catch the Fuzzy” with his little kitten Jeane… he’s decapitating goons with his online ordered Light Saber and washing his hair in a shower of their blood…which easily explains the great hair… Not that anything really HAS to be explained about this game, I mean…it’s made by Goichi Suda, a man who to me, is fully entrenched in what can be dubbed “Gaming of the Absurd” You kill Assassin...

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Suda's Best...For What That's Worth 0

 For me, few producers are as criminally overrated as Suda 51. That Killer7 became a cult hit is just a demonstration that if something looks "different", quality is immaterial in the eyes of many.NMH came out to amazing reviews. Ended up in the 80's. And while the game does not deserve great scores, it is actually a surprisingly fun game. As usual, a Suda 51 game relies far more on style than on actual substance --- but (and this, admittedly, is not high praise) this is so much better th...

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One Helluva Touchdown... 0

"Enjoy your kiddie machine!" That's what more then one 360phile told me when I purchased my Wii. "Enjoy your kids games!" Well I used to tell them, "I hope you like shooters...cause that's all you have" but now I have an actual case for the Wii being a machine for older gamers as well. No More Heroes is that case. This game is absolutely not for children. It has almost every bad word outside of the ever dreaded "#((%^@#^()$)&*#^." (Isn't that the worst word you've ever seen?) As your protago...

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Yes More Heroes 0

I remember a friend hype-ing this game when it was first out. Seemed like yet another generic anime fighter. Since that I've finished Killer 7. Which is another game from same guy Suda51 (guy behind No More Heroes). Which in fact was Suda51;s breakthrough game and that in many ways can be considered as is a spiritual successor to No More Heroes. Franchises popularity is shown with a sequel that came out less than 2 years later. As well as the PS3 port that is out in Japan only at the moment...

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Awesome Enough to Make Up for the Flaws 0

It's a 5-star game in my heart, but when I think about it, I have to take a few points from it. It's a Wii game, so the graphics aren't technically impressive compared to non-Wii games, but I loved the art-style. The partial cell-shading adds a hint of cartoon style, but in an urban artsy, non-childish way. I hope I'll be able to play the Xbox 360 version, because when I had to put my face a foot away from the TV to see the incredibly tiny, low-res treasure dots on the mini-map, I noticed the cr...

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???? 0

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>Oh Suda you have done it again and i love you for it. Ever since Killer 7 I havn't had enough of you you stylish look to games makes even the poorest hardware look ever so strong. But this isnt about you suda. This is about No ...

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"FUCK FACE!!!" 'nough said. 0

    Nintendo's internal developers (namely Nintendo Tokyo, Sora, and Retro Studios) have created some impressive works of visual art, but third party developers are still struggling to take advantage of the (comparitively weak) graphics hardware under the Wii's hood. Enter Grasshopper Manufacture and their not-quite-ready-for-primetime lead designer Gouichi Suda who, in No More Heroes, has created a game which accentuates the shortcomings of the Wii to create an altogether bizarre place called S...

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Will have you smiling from ear to ear. 0

No More Heroes : An action game for a more crass generation.Story : For the first time since the Pokemon trainer decided to capture and manipulate wild animals for fame and fortune, we have a main character who’s goals are unjust and selfish, remain unjust and selfish to the end, and he’s all the more admirable for it. Travis Touchdown wants to become the top ranked assassin in the world, not to save the world from evil or exact revenge for some deceased family member(s), but to justify buying h...

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Ever felt alone in your opinions? 1

I checked out No More heroes out of curiosity...i heard from others that it was an amazing game and looking at it i think to myself, "..i like art style..i like unique gaming experiences" but that can only go so far i guess as NMH was more of a repetitious time waster then an experience. The "stylized" graphics just looked awful at times and The zany over the top violence mixed with the purposely, almost satirically, bad story was just way over my head i guess as i couldn't get past the fact tha...

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The Otaku Dream 0


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You can keep your heroes, thanks. 0

Warning: No More Heroes may contain content that is innapropriate for everyone. Blood will flow. Strange sexual references will be made. Human limbs will littler the ground. It's pure, outrageous genious.The story of No More Heroes is a very simple one. Travis Touchdown, the antihero of the game, goes out for a drink one night and ends up killing the eleventh best assassin in his hometown of Santa Destroy. Now officially a ranked assassin in the UAA (or something like that...) Travis must kill o...

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Don't Miss Suda51's Lucrative And Original Nintendo Wii Adventure 0

 "Travis Touchdown: Otaku Hitman" is what the back of No More Heroes says boldly in Red letters. If that isn't enough to emphasise how lucrative Suda51's original Nintendo Wii adventure is then nothing is. But not every Otaku Hitman is an anime obsessed, porn crazed, Lucha Libre trained assassin either. Boy isn't No More Heroes an odd game? So as you might've guessed, you're Travis Touchdown. After meeting a seductive femme fatal, named Sylvia, you find yourself competing in the United A...

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In the end, you'll come back for the combat... 2

Story and Settings: No More Heroes takes place in fictional city Santa Destroy. There's not much for site seeing. All there really is is a beach, video story, clothes shop, and that's about it. The main characters name is Travis Touchdown, and he is trying to become the number one assassin. Why is he doing this? Travis meets a mysterious lady named Silvia in a bar. After a few drinks he finds himself slaughtering hundreds of people just to sleep with her, which is the best motivation of all.Game...

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Refreshing But A Bit Frustrating 0

There are parts of this game that you'll absolutely love - mainly the Boss battles.  Those are all extremely polished and a lot of fun to play.  I loved every minute of those.  However, the game has a lot of negative areas that are extremely frustrating.  While I enjoyed the side jobs a bit initially - they get really boring because you have to repeat them over and over again.  The combat can also be pretty repetitive; granted the controls and wrestling moves mitigate this somewhat - I still wou...

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Best Wii Game 0

No More Heroes is the best game you can buy for the Nintendo Wii if you old enough to order your own cheese burgers. The unique story has enough comedy, emotion and twists to keep you engaged throughout and the hilarious game play that has you waggling people into pieces. The games short coming like aged graphics and repetitive game play definitely are over shadowed by the originality of the SUDA-51 title. Buy it....

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Final Thoughts: No More Heroes 0

"Trust your force, and enter the garden... of madness!" Suda 51 is a game developer I really admire. Whatever you may think of him or his games, you absolutely have to give him credit for creating works that defy all conventions (and/or completely turn them on their head). His previous foray into utter insanity, a.k.a. "Killer 7", was a game that polarized players and reviewers alike - you either loved it or you hated it. Personally, I loved it, but I could also see how those who hated it coul...

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