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    Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jan 29, 2008

    A browser game involving jeeps and unsuspecting raptors.

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    Off-Road Velociraptor Safari is a browser-based driving game developed by Flashbang Studios, LLC. The game was created using the Unity engine. This is a driving game where the objective is get as high a score as possible by killing and collecting raptors via portal-like catchers. 


    Combo Meal - Catch three raptors in one combo. 
    Dock Worker - Catch 20 crates in one game. 
    End World Hunger -  Kill 20 raptors in one game. 
    Extinction - Kill a total of 1,000 raptors. 
    High Roller - Play five games of 1,000,000 points or more. 
    Insurance Fraud - Completely destroy the Jeep .
    It Came From the Skies - Jump over 50m to kill a raptor. 
    Jack of All Trades - Get 10 different scoring events in one game. 
    Long Bomb - Throw a raptor at least 50m into a catcher. 
    Long Jump - Do a 150m jump. 
    Mark Your Territory - Use five different raptor catchers in one game. 
    Marksman - Throw your chain ball over 100m to hit a raptor. 
    Millionaire - Score 1,000,000 points in a single game. 
    OCD - Collect all 100 orbs. 
    Slaughterhouse Five - Get a 5x raptor combo. 
    Spread the Love - Refer the game to three friends. 
    Stuntmaster Flex - Get a 10x stunt combo. 
    Take Flight, Brave Raptors - 30 seconds of flying raptor in a single game. 
    Two-Wheelin' - Complete a ten second two-wheel. 
    Unfriendly Skies - Accrue 60 seconds of jeep airtime in one game.

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