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    Off-World Interceptor Extreme

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 29, 1994

    Off-World Interceptor is a vehicular combat game originally released for the 3DO, however another version was later released for the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn.

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    Off-World Interceptor was a third person game where you control an off-road vehicle traversing alien worlds and blasting hordes of enemies. The game is not so much known for its play, which was not bad but hardly amazing, but because it was one of the few to recognize that it's FMV sequences were rather horrible and tried to redeem them by instituting an MST3K-esque set of shadows (Doug Benson and Brian Posehn) at the bottom of the screen mocking it.


    Off-World Interceptor was an on rails vehicular combat game. The player could drive as far to the left and right as they wanted provided there wasn't an obstacle blocking their path but they could never turn around. The levels are fairly large for the time of the game's release and there was quite a bit of action going on at any given moment which would at times lead to a drop in frame rate. The player would be able to get power ups for all the weapons as well as money to buy new weapons, lives, and powerups in between missions. Vehicles had jump jets that allowed them to leap over certain obstacles, incoming fire, and enemies. Each level is timed, if the time limit expires the entire area is destroyed via bombs and the player must start the level over. At the end of each segment which is composed of multiple stages the player must fight a boss character which is followed by a cinematic sequence.


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