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    OG Loc

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    A wanna-be rapper in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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    Jeffrey Cross, who desperately wishes to be known by the name "OG Loc", is one of the characters you can take missions from in Los Santos. He is a wannabe gangsta rapper, and his constant attempts to look cool only serve to emphasize his lameness. He deliberately allowed himself to be caught after trying to rob a bank so that he could serve some jail time, thinking it would give him 'street cred'. 
    When you first encounter him, he has Carl take him to a man who "stole his rhymes". At first, Loc goes by himself, but Carl (who is bored) comes with him. After a thrilling motorcycle chase, Carl realizes that the man did not steal any music from Loc, but instead confirmed the rumour of Jeffrey having had a prison boyfriend.
    OG Loc works at a Burger Shot as a "hygiene technician" (which is just the glorified title of his job as a janitor). He gives you several missions which are themed with getting things to help his music career. However, he is horrible at rapping, much to the displeasure of Carl and the others. 
    He can be heard at the Los Santos radio channel after you have finished all of his missions.

    San Andreas: Jeffrey Cross Missions

    • Life's a Beach
    • Madd Dogg's Rhymes
    • Management Issues
    • House Party

    San Andreas: Jeffrey Cross Other Mission Appearances

    • OG Loc
    • Cut Throat Business

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