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    Ryder, a 'loose cannon', is very passionate about the Grove Street Families and is one of CJ's oldest friends. His character was modeled after the deceased rapper Eazy-E and his music is featured in the game's soundtrack.

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    Lance 'Ryder' Wilson was a leader of the Grove Street Families, along with Sean 'Sweet' Johnson and Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris. Ryder and Big Smoke secretly betrayed their gang by working with corrupt police officers in C.R.A.S.H. and with a rival Los Santos gang, the Ballas. When Carl Johnson arrived in San Andreas from Liberty City, he reunited with Ryder at his home on Grove Street after a shoot-out in a Los Santos graveyard. The two did missions to increase the Grove Street Families weapons cache, even going so far as to accept a tip from Officer Frank Tenpenny. Ryder also assisted in a gang crackdown in a small motel where Sweet was meeting with leaders of the local rival gangs. Before Carl left Los Santos, he learned of Ryder and Big Smoke's betrayal and was full of shock.

    While doing missions in San Fierro for the Triads, CJ learned that Ryder was also working with a group of high-class drug dealers. In the end, a drug deal with Ryder and his new friends was ambushed. Carl chased after him by boat and finally killed his old friend after destroying his boat. Afterwards, CJ showed remorse for what he had done, but forgot about it later on as he moved from city to city.

    San Andreas: Lance Wilson Missions

    • Ryder
    • Home Invasion
    • Catalyst
    • Robbing Uncle Sam

    San Andreas: Lance Wilson Other Mission Appearances

    • Big Smoke
    • Cleaning the Hood
    • Drive-Thru
    • Nines and AKs
    • Drive-By
    • House Party
    • Reuniting Families
    • The Green Sabre
    • Photo Opportunity
    • Pier 69

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