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Original War follows the story of two opposing forces who travel back in time in order to secure the rare mineral known as Siberite. Players control either an American soldier called John MacMillan or a Russian engineer called Yuri Ivanovich "Burlak" Gorky. The story is loosely based on the book The Last Day of Creation (Der letzte Tag der Schöpfung) by Wolfgang Jeschke.

Main Features

There are several quite unique features that the game brings to the strategy genre.


The game features two completely different styles of cinematics. The Russian storyline is presented in ASCII art videos, while the American story is presented in hand drawn (in real-time) images with voice over by the main protagonist.

Story Branching

The Story branches quite wildly - both main protagonists are often presented with the choice to follow orders or act on their own. These choices have significant impact on the story line - different missions become available and the outcomes of the story are extremely different.

People as a Resource

One of the most important resources in the game are people. Death is permanent and the player is given very few people for individual missions. People are carried over from mission to mission, including their stats. Most vehicles and buildings require people to operate them. Even when remote control of vehicles becomes available, an operator is still needed to use them. All of these mechanics turn every man into a critical resource.

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