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Panchu is one of the students who recently transferred to Eiden school. Kazushi, Pierre, Appo-, and Daigo look up to him as a big brother figure and is one year older than them. Yagami is the only teacher that Panchu respects and fears.

Panchu's speech sounds much like grunts and snarls, and Kazushi explained that he took two months to properly understand him. Panchu's family owns a bakery and he learned to bake bread too. He always carry a supply of bread that he had baked himself and shows his love through them. Panchu often appears to aid the guys during times of hardship.


After the guys experienced a horrible first day, they wanted to run away from the island. Panchu showed up and offered them bread and commanded them to return to the dormitory.

Panchu showed no interest in girls though he tends to attract a lot of them. The girls were impressed with his ability to bake bread and they somehow managed to understand his speech with no problems.

After the welcoming party, Kazushi decided to loosen the soil to make up for his mistake. Pierre, Appo-, and Daigo showed up to help. Panchu then showed up to provide them bread and worked the soil with them. He had no problem working through the night compared to the guys who were completely exhausted.

When Ran brought Kazushi to peep on Sakura and Rin, Rin expressed her interest in Panchu and explained that he has a nice personality behind his rebellious attitude.

On Haruka's path, Kazushi shun his friends away when they offered to help, choosing instead to lone it. One night during Kazushi's delirium, he attempted to take his life in exchange for Haruka's. Panchu appeared to stop Kazushi and told him that he was not alone and to trust his friends more.

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

On Rin's path, in the baseball game between Kazushi's and Haruka's classes, Panchu was revealed to be interested in Mizuki. He throws monstrous pitches against everyone except Mizuki.

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