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Impacting the world 0

Papo & Yo never rests on its laurels. The blocks that move houses puzzle at the beginning of the game is not drawn through many iterations to pad out the game. It happens once. Right there.There are common elements throughout the game. Mostly, you will be finding ways to exit an area by deconstructing the favelas around Quico, the main character, and remaking them into fordable paths. You do this while keeping Monster, your lumbering companion, in tow by luring him with coconuts.Still, even ...

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Papo & Yo: The imagination restrained by reality 0

What kind of person are you? Looking back, will you be remembered fondly for your kind acts? Or will the bridges you've burned earn you only loathing? People go to ridiculous extents to leave their physical "mark" on the world, to leave their name printed for others to see. They don't realize that with time the name will have no bearing for some anonymous person looking at it. Others can't connect with who you were unless the face behind the name impacted them in some way. Almost humorously, som...

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My Papo & Yo Review 0

It is rare for me to come across an artistic stylized game that doesn’t grab me. As interesting as Papo & Yo story and even back story is, something about it left me not caring to keep picking it up and continuing through it. A big part of that was the repetitive puzzle platforming game play, but even the characters felt kind of dull for the most part.Papo & Yo (Dad and Me) is based off the childhood of the game’s creator Vander Caballero, who grew up with an alcoholic father. That right...

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Conflicting mix: great puzzles/story & technical/emotional issues 0

One of the reasons some people will never see video games as a legitimate art form is because unlike other forms of media, games generally tend to shy away from disturbing or sensitive subject matter. Games like Call of Duty and State of Emergency depict unpleasant situations like war and urban riot, but they do so in such a bombastic, comic, unrealistic way that it’s extremely difficult to take them seriously.Sure, we have flower’s gorgeous depiction of urbanization encroaching on nature and Br...

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