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    Paul Ferenc

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    Paul Ferenc is an Israeli character in Far Cry 2. He can be played as, or he can be found as a buddy when you're playing as a different character.

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    Prior to his family’s immigration to Israel in the 1980s, Paul spent his childhood moving back and forth between Hungary and Czechoslovakia. During the first year of his compulsory IDF (Israel Defense Forces) service, Ferenc was an unrepentant jobnik (Israeli slang for a non-combatant soldier who serves his nation by doing secretarial work, clerking, counting inventory, or some other "job"-like function. Generally used with a hint of derision, as if the jobnik is lazier than a fighter), dismissing the volunteer infantry as “marks.” He requested a transfer to an armored unit and played the system until he was sent into the southern Lebanon security zone during the waning years of the occupation. Unofficially, Ferenc went AWOL in the aftermath of an extended firefight with Hezbollah Forces less than four weeks before he was scheduled to muster out. He was officially listed as MIA. Under various aliases and numerous passports, he relocated to Cyprus, spending his time shoplifting and smoking marijuana for several years before jump-starting a massive underground pipeline for stolen cars through Turkey and the Black Sea ports of the former USSR. The Turks eventually ordered Ferenc out after he was picked up in a security aimed at PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) finances. Concerned he might face extradition back to Israel; he used false credentials to broker a tractor parts shipment to South Africa and boarded a freighter bound for Durban. His brief time in South Africa eventually relocated him to work as a private contractor within the war. 

    In-Game Description

     The in-game description of Paul Ferenc (when he's your buddy) is :

    'It's hard to believe this guy's a merc. He dresses like a college drop out backpacking Europe.'

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