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    Pep Squad

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    Pep Squad is a term used to describe (typically supporting) characters who are energetic and spunky and cheer on the other characters. More common in RPGs, Pep Squad characters are known for being overly sweet, childish, and upbeat.

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    If you've ever played a Japanese RPG, then odds are you know of at least one "pep squad" character. These are characters who are typically female (although there are several men who would fit under this title) and they are known for not being the slightest bit jaded and still have a child like sense of wonder in how they view the world. They talk a lot about love, friendship, justice, and anything they consider cute. Examples of this would be Flonne from Disgaea and Midori Komaki from Devil Survivor who both refer to themselves as "Warriors of Love" at some point. Even though these characters tend to exist in RPGs, they are also fairly common in fighting games. An example of this would be Elena from Street Fighter, who constantly talks about the importance of friendship.

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