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Perfect Dark Zero review

This is my review for Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360.

This game has been out since the very launch of the Xbox 360 and I have had it for a little under a year now and I still play it on the multiplayer with my friends. The career mode is very unique in the way that its set out and basically gives you different missions and levels depending on the level of difficulty you have chosen to do the level on. Like on easy there might be 3 objectives and then you try it on hard and there’s like 7 different new objectives on top of the original 3.

The single player career will keep you occupied for a long time if you want to complete it on all the difficulty levels and I myself haven’t yet completed it on the medium difficulty levels but I play the game mostly for the multiplayer as its so much fun.

The multiplayer can be played with up to 16 different players online or 1-4 players on a local screen with a maximum of 15 computer AI bots. There lots of different modes and here are a few of them;
Capture The Flag: Capture the Opposite Teams Flag
Infection: Kill All the Infected and Survive the Time Limit
Killcount: All Vs All Death Match
Team Killcount: A Team Death Match
There’s also a bunch of others which I cant remember but they are all very good and fun and enjoyable to play. My favourite has to be Kill count a straight up no nonsense All Vs All Death Match. You can also play the multiplayer by yourself with up to 15 other computer AI Bots, so you don’t actually need to have anyone with you to play multiplayer, which is awesome. You can practice and be like, “I haven’t played this game on multiplayer in ages” and then totally kill the living shit out of all your friends. It’s Great!

There is also a cooperative mode in which you can do all of the single player campaign levels with a friend either online or local on the same screen. It has some new little things in it like it takes two people to operate an elevator or one drives and the other shoots but other than that its basically the same as the single player career. The game has some amazing weapons and they all come with a secondary function like there is a pistol and its secondary fir is for the bullets to bounce off of walls and there’s a SMG with the ability to point out your enemies. Some of the other weapons features are, Rocket propelled grenade, motion sensor, gun turret and many more, my favourite has to be the infrared on the SMG, its so cool. The whole screen goes fuzzy and green and your enemies come up bright red so you cant miss them.

The graphics in the game are very good and give the sort of impression that you are in the future however if that’s so then the future does look a little plastic and the textures seem to me to look like they have been made out of plaster. The games vehicles look very nice though and the hovercraft looks very impressive, you can see the water spraying up as you hover over it, it’s a nice little feature. Its all about the little details with this game. Even if you shoot a bloke in the leg he will stumble for a second or two but he will get back up and fight for the rest of his limbs that’s for sure!

Overall the game is very well made and makes for a very smart and enjoyable First Person Shooter and for that reason I’m giving the game an 8/10 the game has some very nice graphics but it seems a little too plastic at times and the textures seem to be a bit off, but the innovative online and multiplayer modes put it high above most other games online capabilities and for a game that’s been out for over a year. Screw it the game gets a 3.5/5

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