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PikuNiku 100% does what it was made to do.

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A nice visual style also adds to the charm.
A nice visual style also adds to the charm.

This game is all about being a cute little adventure that wants to charm all who decide to buy it. From the opening that is very obvious with it’s quirky introduction of the antagonist who just wants to give everyone money for free. Just don’t mind all the trees and corn being taken away at the same time. Then it introduces Piku who is a round ball with legs that lives in a cave. The townspeople fear him yet he really is just a clumsy being who wants to help.

While it relies on it’s silly humor to drive the story forward the main gameplay elements here are some simple platforming & puzzle solving sections. Puzzles only get as complex as pushing a button to turn something on to progress. None of the gameplay sections will give most players much of a challenge either. That doesn’t detract from it at all. Which is thanks to the platforming being spot on and all the small diversions you’ll get to see.

Test your rhythm game skills as well. None of these moments ever overstay their welcome.
Test your rhythm game skills as well. None of these moments ever overstay their welcome.

It does this by having silly side mini games to check out in either the main narrative or the assortment of side quests you can find.. For example a early one is a baskick match. Which requires players to kick a basketball into a hoop before the opponent. Like the rest of the game it’s simple but still a fun little diversion. Some of the side areas will even test your platforming skills a lot more than the normal game without being annoying hard.

Really I was disappointed that this little adventure had to end after about 4 hours. Yet it certainly ends on a good note and I very much appreciated being able to go back into the world to see what happened after the conclusion. If your in the mood for a cute platformer with a bunch of charm then check this game out.

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