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    Plasma Engine

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    Cyan Worlds' real-time 3D game engine, which was acquired from Headspin Technologies.

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    Plasma is a real-time 3D game engine originally called Headspin and developed by Headspin Technologies in 1997. It was acquired by Cyan Worlds and nicknamed DIRT (D'ni In Real Time) and MUDPIE (Multi-User DIRT Persistent Interactive Environment). It was later renamed Plasma and first released with realMyst in 2000. The engine underwent several iterations and was last used in Cosmic Osmo's Hex Isle in 2007.

    Cyan Worlds transitioned to the Unity Engine for use in mobile versions of its games. The client version of Plasma and its associated 3DS Max plugin was open sourced through and has since been referred to as the Engine (CWE).


    Plasma 1.0:

    Plasma 2.0:

    Plasma 2.1:

    Plasma 3.0:


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