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    Platinum the Trinity

    Character » appears in 11 games

    Platinum is one of BlazBlue's "Six Heroes". She wields a staff and has a split personality.

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    Platinum was one of the Six Heroes. It is not quite known what happened to her, but her spirit has taken refuge in the body of a little girl holding a large, heart-shaped staff. She has a fondness for "Mr. Jubei," but hates "Snakes," referring to Terumi. The girl somehow acquired the Nox Nyctores called Raigou: Muchourin in the shape of a bell around her neck that allows her to manifest matter.

    This girl happens to have three separate personalities: Sena, the kind boy. Luna, a mean girl. And Platinum herself, completing the trinity.
    Trinity starts out keeping a close eye on Ragna, though it is currently unknown if she is an ally or enemy of his.


    Platinum's drive is called "Magical Symphony." Pressing the D button will randomly select one among 6 types of equipment/modes for Platinum's staff. After selecting, various techniques corresponding to the staff mode can be used (with certain restrictions). The following staff mode is notified at the bottom through the symbol next to the word NEXT. Platinum does not start the match with a drive item equipped, and must press D to acquire it. 

    Each staff piece only has a limited number of uses before the next one cycles through. The equipment/mode itself that appears next is up to the whims of the Random Number God.
    Equipment types (need info)
    • Cat (5 uses)
    • Hammer (3 uses)
    • Bat (3 uses)
    • Frying Pan (3 uses)
    • Bomb (6 uses)
    • Missile (3 uses)

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