New Prince of Persia sucks?

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I'm the biggest POP Sands of Time you can find. I'm even a fanboy towards the the first two 2D Prince of Persia's. I didn't hate Warrior Withing or Two Thrones as others have, while the new style direction was unneeded the gameplay were fundementally the same and it was still top notch. I couldn't wonder but to see how the new next-gen POP title would turn out. The game has gotten mixed reaction from the general population of gamers and critics alike. I kind skipped the game out but after watching this video review;


Wait wrong video.


BTW, the reviewer had this to say about Gear of War; Gears of War epitomizes console gaming; constricted and limited.

I couldn't help myself but to ask is this game worth tyring?
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I didn't watch the stupid (top) video you posted, nor the review one. Give it a rent, it's a great game but lacks replayability. Honestly think you could've figured this out on your own.

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Your definitely not a bigger fan then me, so that negates everything else in your post =P

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I just finished the game yesterday and it's worth it.  Some moves were added to the platforming.  The battles are great.  I don't understand the backlash of the whole "no dying" thing. It was just like a really quick loading screen.  I felt like it kept me in the game more. 

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It was actually one of my favorite games of the year.

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I just watched the first couple of minutes of that review video and I can't agree less. The instant-replay feature is not unlike quicksave as they have been used in FPSs on the PC for years, so that whole mechanic can't be all against "the norm". It was exactly that kind of forgiving gameplay that made me want to play this game since I simply don't have the time to play a game for 40 hours simply because I make a simple mistake over and over again.

That said, the mechanics in the new PoP don't save you from sometimes replaying a short part of the level over and over again simply because you missed a jump or something. It's rare, but it happens. The game focuses more on you finding the right path to get somewhere, instead of throwing everything it got into your way to prevent you progressing on that path once you've found it. 

It's definitely a style some people won't like, so if you're not sure then better rent it first.
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It's worth playing, for sure. I think it's actually one of the best games I played from 2008. Sure, a lot of it is simplified and even repetitive, but it is still a solid and enjoyable game.

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Sure it sucked, if you went into it expecting a challenge and found that disappointing. However, it was so public about what it was going for, as in, being very easy and simple, criticizing it for that is pretty pointless. It did get repetitive to me, but it was still a fine game to me. I don't know anyone who plain out just thought it sucked.

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No one is a bigger PoP fan than Yahtzee, shut uuuuup.

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I loved it. If you were a fan of Assassin Creed its probably worth a look.

If your the sort of person that thrives on challenge you might be dissapointed, its very story focused and the gameplay is a breeze.

Or if you have some sort of ridiculous philosophical reasons about dying/punishment in video games.

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I remember the first 2d Platformer of the series and i've loved PoP ever since .  I think the new art direction is beautiful and the environments stunningly awesome .  Its the kind of game you can play when you just don't feel like a hardcore challenge which is a nice change as far as i'm concerned .  Loved every minute of it ...

I loaned the game to my Sister and Neice over Xmas and gave them my old PS3 and never got a chance to install it on my system but i played the bajebusus out of it with them .  Now all i gotta do is get it back of them so i can install it on my PS3 .

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I think it's biggest strength was easily in it's storytelling. If you go into looking for great and deep mechanics, you will be disappointed. If you go in just looking for something interesting, you'll be very happy with the end product. At least I was.

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I still can't decide to rent it or to buy it.

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I got it at best buy yesterday for 40 dollars (It was advertised for PS3 and 360, but I got the 360 one because they didn't have the PS3 one). Definitely a good deal for the game. It's been pretty fun, the cell shade looks amazing. I've never played the previous games though. It seems to be around 12 hours long, but the aesthetics really do make it worth playing at least.

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I'm about six hours into right now, and I have mixed feelings:


  • Beautiful art direction and animation
  • Smooth controls
  • Solid Pacing
  • Nice music

  • Too fucking easy (I know it's been said a million times, but it's true.)
  • Annoying protagonist
  • Combat system had potential, but ultimate suffers from lack of difficulty
  • Dumb story
  • Characters' faces are robotic. They just don't look natural when they talk.

Other Notes:
  • The easy difficulty is certainly a calculated move. Seeing that the movie is coming out, they probably want to make it as accessible as possible to casual gamers.
  • All this beauty, and no proper art book?
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So... that was the most boring review ever.

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jagt707 said:
New Prince of Persia sucks?
Nope.  It's a lot of fun and absolutely gorgeous.

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