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    Prince of Persia

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Dec 02, 2008

    A 2008 entry into the Prince of Persia franchise titled simply "Prince of Persia", this game stars an all-new Prince as he teams up with the mysterious Elika to fight Ahriman and cleanse the world of his corruption.

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    This game has many intangibles that make it special. 0

    Prince of Persia : …you know how it’s become trendy in Hollywood to “reboot” franchises, throw away all the backstory from the previous (and usually bad) sequels and start fresh? Batman did it, James Bond did it, Star Trek is going to do it, The Incredible Hulk did it after only one bad movie, and now we have a video game in Prince of Persia, which ignores the Sands of Time trilogy or all of the quick death traps of the original game and starts anew. Oh, it’s an action platformer by the way.Stor...

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    Magical game is magic. 2

    Ubisoft decided to toss away the memorable, time-warping and ret-conning universe they established last generation with Sands of Time, Warrior Within and Two Thrones. It's another fresh start for the franchise and good lord, what an amazing way to start from square one. The game starts with the new prince caught in a sandstorm, while the narrator questions the relevance of a single grain of sand, which may or not be a reference to the previous trilogy. The prince is looking for his donkey, Farah...

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    Epilogue Completes Story, Shows Signs of WW/TT Faltering 0

    Beware of spoilers!    **if you have trouble loading Epilogue, as I did, go into your xbox's System Settings to clear the system cache and it will load fine after you have done this** Prince of Persia, Epilogue, is the closing DLC chapter to the popular game. It picks up immediately after the story of PoP, and adds new combat mechanics, a new power for Elika, new achievements, as well as new levels, outfits, dialog, and additional story.   It was for the additional story I bought the content — t...

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    Flaws are to be overlooked in order to enjoy Prince of Persia 7

    With Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jordan Mechner's highly successful and revolutionary game series was reborn, and people liked it. Even if the stylistic changes in the sequel were not appreciated by everyone, the Sands of Time trilogy was still a resounding success. With this new Prince of Persia, the series receives its second reboot in a very short period of time, which is signified by its lack of a subtitle. The game has one big thing in common with its predecessors: the focus on ext...

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    Worthy of the Prince of Persia Lineage 2

    Prince of Persia is the latest re-imagining of a franchise that is nearly two decades old now. This new addition retains all the qualities that make a Prince of Persia game great with fun platforming, interesting characters and acrobatic swordplay. There is a special emphasis on the presentation this time around and everything feels a lot more cinematic. However, this outstanding presentation comes at a cost and while the semi-automatic platforming is fun to watch, it's not as...

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    Just... no. 0

     Dear Sirs/Jade Raymond (well, she's the only woman in the industry, right?),I borrowed (not purchased; not stupid you know) a copy of your latest attempt to "put lipstick on a pig", Prince of Persia. At about halfway through (304/340 lightseeds, 2 powers unlocked), I feel that at this point it's a good idea to catalogue my experience in a feedback manner, so as you may consider my opinion for the inevitable next one.Now, I am having a few issues, listed thus:1. Controls2. Conversations3. Settin...

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    Adventure doesn't fly higher 0

    Prince of Persia has always been a staple franchise for excellent platforming- a showcase of high flying acrobatic feats, if you will. And for the most part, this reboot of the series carries the standard high. Throw in some stellar production values and a compelling narrative, and it's easy to overlook a few rough edges in favor of this action-packed ride.The heart and sole of any Prince of Persia game has always been the great platforming. The Prince can perform a wide variety of stunning acro...

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    Despite its flaws, Prince of Persia is an experience for anyone 0

    Prince of Persia is Ubisofts second reboot of the Prince of Persia Franchise and innovates in more ways than its predecessors, with superb design and a unique graphics style Prince of Persia is an experience for everyone.The Story of Prince of Persia has nothing to do with the previous games short of a few references and involves the new Prince who is a lonely traveller in a desert searching for his donkey, he discovers a girl named Elika Who initially resents him but grows to like him, Elika is...

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    Not Your Parents' Prince Anymore 0

    To start things off I know that Prince of Persia is a game that has been out for awhile (specifically 7 months), but when I saw this game new for $20 at Gamestop I had to get it.  However, it was one of the games that did not come in a wrapped up box but an envelope that was behind the counter that was then put into the box on the store floor.  At first I was like well that's strange seeing how the box says new.  From what I have been told these are actually games that Gamestop employees have pl...

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    A beautiful game in every sense of the word. 0

    I go way back with the Prince of Persia series. I played the SNES port of the original side-scrolling game, and I absolutely hated it. Then I played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the PC, and I was absolutely blown away. Superb graphics, beautiful art-direction, and a great story-book plot made The Sands of Time a great game. Then, Warrior Within came along. I started playing the game when it first came out, and I stopped as soon as that terrible hard-rock guitar music kicked in. The di...

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    Don't you just hate it when you lose your ass? 0

    Prince of Persia is the latest game in the long running Prince of Persia series. The story follows the new Prince (time control not included) as he tries to restore the land to its former glory after being corrupted by Ahriman, the god of darkness. He does this with the help Elika, a magical princess who's father was the one who released Ahriman from his prison. When you do heal the lands, it's kind of a Flower effect. The scenery goes from these colorless, bland places to bright, vibrant landsc...

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    Video Review: A Great Revival 0

    Link because embedding isn't workingVideo review of Prince of Persia 2008. It's pretty great. I enjoyed that it was a new slate. At first I thought he name was Kate. So I decided to debate. Whether I should integrate. A video where i masturbate. But I decided to just do this instead. Yeah this game is good....

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    A true revival of a great franchise. 0

    There's something to be said for a long running series of games.  We are all familiar with the modern approach to marketing, that is, if a game does well you immediately say it's a trilogy.  That happened with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time way back when on the Game Cube, and I honestly expected the Prince's run to be over after that trilogy came to an end.  But the good old boys at Ubisoft had other ideas for our friend the Prince, and thus came about my favorite Prince of Persia game yet....

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    Outstanding Dialogue Is The Icing On This Unforgettable Cake 0

    After highly anticipating this game since its announcement, I feel really good about having finally experienced the wonder that is Prince of Persia. There are a load of things I liked about the game and a few things I didn’t like so much. Here’s what those things are:             Praisedialogue            First off, I want to talk about the dialogue. The writing in this game is some of the best writing I have experienced in a video game. The conversations between the Prince and his unlikely ac...

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    Prince of Persia DLC Review 0

    *You should in no way buy this DLC if you did not finish the game. It begins after the ending of the retail release, and will spoil everything for you. Be warned.*Included in the DLC: Two more hours of playtime, 250 achievement points,and a new costume for both the Prince and Elika. Prince costume is a "prototype" version and he finally fits in the setting of the game. The Elika costume isn't as great, her final design is better.I really liked the first installment of the Prince of Persia for th...

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    This is a Prince of Persia review (v2.0) 0

    Forget the Sands of Time trilogy: It's time for a new Prince in a new story. This isn't yet another Arabian Nights-esque story, but it's a well-crafted one regardless. The new Prince isn't even a Prince, but more of a mercenary vagabond, where-I-lay-my-head-is-home kind of guy. By meeting Elika, a princess possessing magical powers, he gets caught up in a quest to restore life to a dying land and imprison Ahriman, an evil god.While the story of the previous games has been entirely discarded for ...

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    A must-play experience 0

    When Ubisoft discovered the formula to reinvent one of the hardest side-scrollers of all-time into one of the best platforming trilogies of last-generation, no one thought they’d have what it took to do it again. The Sands of Time trilogy ended on a high-note and this new Prince hopes to recapture the graceful essence that made the first games such a spectacle to behold.     The visuals in this game are nothing short of beautiful.  First of all, loyal followers of the Prince take note; this ga...

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    Short game, but not short on fun. 0

    Pros Great stylized visuals, sound New Prince and Elika are good characters and they interact in a way that holds interest. Solid platforming action Cons Too short Perhaps too easy After you've got all four powers there seems no point to collecting light seeds except for achievements. The completionist will probably think it reason enough, but it's kind of lame how they suddenly become useless. It doesn't feel so long ago that 2003's Sands of Time was released and offered a fresh take on Prin...

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    Prince of Perisa 0

    When i first found out about the new Prince of Persia game, i saw a trailer for it on tv. It had the song Breath Me by Sia, its a good song. First I thought, if they are making a new game, where is the old prince? Well in Ubisofts newest adventure in the Prince of Persia series, it starts off with new setting, character, and new acrobatics. I welcomed this change. I was a fan of the other games. But one thing Ubisoft did was totally redid the series. The last two games in the "Sands" trilogy wh...

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    Reminiscent of the past, but underwhelming in total 1

    Ubisoft’s reinvention of the reinvented Prince of Persia series struck a resounding chord amongst gaming society last holiday season, prompting some sizeable downloadable content to satiate the hunger for more. This content comes in the form of the Epilogue pack, which sports brand new powers, combat abilities, and picks up right where the original storyline left it. If you haven’t finished the game, you may want to stop reading now. Up until this point the Prince, coming off his tree deforming...

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    Prince Of Persia - Review 0

    When I heard that Prince Of Persia was coming to next gen gaming consoles, I was thrilled. It brought back memories of the many fun filled hours spent playing Sands of Time on the original xbox. You can rest easy, the new Prince Of Persia is a return to form.The game is built on a refined Assassin's creed engine and is a joy to play from start to finish. From the stunning visuals to a very unique art style, you will be impressed with how the game looks and plays.The story involves you the princ...

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    Looks good at first, but lacks staying power 4

    When this game first came out, I thought it had everything I like. Beautiful art and graphics with a watercolor style? Check. Platforming plus combo-based 3rd person combat? Check. Thought-provoking story with a romantic angle? Check. I was all set to love this game.  But after getting about 6 hours or so in, I completely lost interest.  There are a bunch of design and gameplay flaws that really hold the game back.  First, the platforming is largely automated. You see a ledge, you press a button...

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    All flash, little substance. 0

    So let's start off with the obvious good points. This game is fabulously beautiful. This is quite possibly the best collaboration between the artistic and technical side of game visual development ever displayed in a game. The colors are excellent, the level design is fabulous, and the sheer size and scope of everything constantly amazes and never gets old. Add in the fact that the visuals in this game have their own particular style and the game is just amazing to look at as a whole. I've hea...

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    Sleek presentation doesn't make this game any less boring. 1

    If this newest installment is any indication, it seems the Prince of Persia series has taken a dive. Quite simply, this game is boring. It's very hard to enjoy a game that holds your hand the entire way through. You basically can't die. This would actually not be a problem, had the platforming not been so repetitive. I don't know how many times one can run across a wall, or jump on a pole, without it getting tired. The PS2 / Xbox PoP games at least mixed it up a little. This game does not. At l...

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    Nice change for a reboot 0

    So after having played the Prince of Persia trilogy and the two dimensional original (on console please forgive me, and awhile back) you may notice that this version is vast departure. Sort of..I was actually impressed at how it remains quite linear whilst still being open world. Mostly regarding pathing and traversal in between objectives and choosing what order you do the objectives.THIS GAME IS TOO EASY. You literally cannot die. You can't.. Not that you would come close to doing that anyways...

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    Boring and Simple. 0

    Prince of Persia is back, but is it the same great game just like the others had to offer or is it 2 steps short of average. To start my disappointing review over a disappointing game it's not as good as critic's say it was, of course it was just paid ads. The story starts out you coming out as the prince traveling through the sahara desert and you run into a female that is being chased by guard's trying to capture her well surprising she is a princess escaping from her dad's castle because she ...

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    A greatly enjoyable game that is probably best rented not bought 0

    Another re-boot of the classic platforming Prince of Persia series, once again courtesy of Ubisoft, this iteration is in many ways similar to Ubisoft Montreal's 2007 release Assassin's Creed, and not just because it runs on effectively the same engine. Both games feature linear levels within sprawling open worlds, both are extremely well presented with jaw-dropping locations and beautiful scenery, and both suffer from flaws which prevent it from reaching it's full potential.The conversion from t...

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    Prince of Persia 0

    Prince of Persia isn't as good as the better parts of the trilogy from the previous generation, but it's a solid beginning to another chapter in the franchise's history. The only thing I can really say it does definitively better is the visuals, and the game really does look amazing. It's not just the technical proficiency of the same engine that did Assassin's Creed, with a consistent frame rate despite massive draw distances. The art style, which the developers call "illustrative", is just gor...

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    Is this game fit for a Prince or a Pauper? 0

    When it was released in 2003, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a critical darling, praised for it’s intriguing story, ideas and fluid gameplay.  Following weak sales, however, publisher Ubisoft took the series into the mainstream with ill-conceived ideas that upped the focus on combat, “toughened up” the once-lovable Prince, and added in a soundtrack by hard rock band, Godsmack.  Needless to say, much of what was praised by critics was lost, and the series continued to have trouble findin...

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    A breathtaking game, marred only by its nonexistent difficulty. 1

    The new Prince of Persia for the PS3, PC and 360 is quite different from the previous instalments of the series in almost every way. No longer does the prince quest on his own: now he has a female sidekick(Elika) to assist him on his journey to defeat Ahriman, the evildoer of the game who, in a burst of emoness or possibly fueled by the Rolling Stones song, decided to paint the world black. The Prince himself is noticeably different from the one we last saw in Two Thrones(instead of a dark "emo"...

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    Great looking game thats easy to play but is extremely repetitive 0

    Description     Prince of Persia is a video game that was released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft windows on December 2 of 2008.  Prince of Persia was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was also published by Ubisoft.  It is an Action-Adventure game that is set in ancient Persia.  Here in Persia in the center of the city lies the Temple, where the king and his daughter Elika live.  Also the Temple acts as a prison cell for the evil god Ahriman.  Ages ago Ahriman was imprisoned there by his...

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    Prince or Moron? 0

    A beautiful cell shaded look and interesting new direction fail to mask the inadequacies of the gameplay, script and design. Clearly using the same engine as the equally mixed Assassins Creed, the acrobatic gameplay is marred by floaty imprecise controls that fail to engage the player. The combat isn’t much better with little to communicate actions and an awkward block-&-parry system. The story and characters are shoehorned into the semi-open-world and fail to convey any sense of a "Persian"...

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    Story aside, this title will rock your world. 0

    Prince of Persia, simply put, is one of the most beautiful games of this console generation. It is also a serviceable platformer. If this is everything you look for in a game, the new PoP absolutely deserves a rent, (and if you don't mind its short length, maybe even a purchase.) If you also require engaging story, however, you may be disappointed in this title. Prince of Persia is the forth title in the series to appear on consoles, and the first to show up on the Xbox360 and Playstation3. It...

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    Prince of Persia - A Good Video Game 0

    The new Prince of Persia is a good, mainstream video game released in 2008. Considering how many components there are in a contemporary big budget game this is an impressive feat, and understandably rare.. The game doesn't do anything revolutionary (unless you count the fact that you can not die). It meets  the requirements of a contemporary, mainstream video game: beautiful polygon based graphics, competent (sometimes charming) voice work, good character design and development, good sound desig...

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    A Beautiful Rhythm Platformer 0

    The original Prince of Persia appeared on home computers in 1989. It was designed to be a brief game, with an hour's time limit imposed on the player from the beginning. Current speed runs through the game on youtube reduce that time dramatically, ranging from 10-18 minutes.   However, surviving for even that long was much easier said than done. The prince had to navigate a Persian (Iranian) palace to save his love from an evil sorcerer, Jafar. Each room in the palace contained bottomless pit...

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    Hot chick saves day, ruins game. 0

    Long, long ago when there were still American arcades that were not dominated by emo Dance Dance gangs and broken down Street Fighter machines, I remember stumbling across Dragon’s Lair. I was a child, and therefore not terribly bright, but I remember being completely transfixed, staring at the demo screens for ages before dropping in the previously unheard of fee of two quarters to play. It didn’t matter that the game was the equivalent of navigating a modern day DVD menu, it was a cartoon and...

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    Play with Prince and his girlfriend in a boring amusement park 0

    This new Prince of Persia isn't like its predecessors in a lot of different ways. The bigest problem that i found in it, especially compared to another modern platformers like Tomb Raider and the older games of the franchise is the lack of environmental puzzles and how absurd the level design was. It also fatures a different art style.In previous games you had to try to figure out a way to proceed in some spots and some ability with the controls was required. Any mistake made could be corrected ...

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    I Wish I had a Choice at the End 0

    This was my first time playing a Prince of Persia game. It was a good game. I just wished that it was much more challenging though. There weren't that many enemies and the bosses were mediocre. One thing that I found absolutely beautiful was the games environment. Absolutely beautiful. Of course, I loved the fact of the before and after results. Stunning and breath taking. Some people have liken this to Assassin's Creed and rightfully so. As our Prince climbs around, it's very similar to Assassi...

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    Prince of Persia (2008): Review 0

     So I recently got my hands on the latest game in a franchise that is critically received yet does not sell, Prince of Persia from Ubisoft for PS3. The latest Prince of Persia (or PoP) is a definite deviation from previous titles in the series, a deviation which led to some players to christen it: "the one-button game." More on that later, first, we'll discuss setting and characters. STORY & CHARACTERS: The game opens with a series of black white flashback snippets showing the King and his ...

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    Heal The Land & Save The Day 0

    Prince of Persia returns with a new prince and epic story+ Fun exploration elements+ Easy Accessibility for all + Well Designed Story- Not Very Challenging- Frustrating Combat Moments- Must take breaks from main objectives to collect objects in order to progress Although this game is titled Prince of Persia, you are not playing as the original prince from sands of time. You play as a new prince,  whose original goal in the beginning of the game is to find Farah, his donkey, not Farah from the ot...

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    Short, but incredibly sweet... 0

    There have a plethera of changes to the PoP series, but sometimes, change is good and in this case, change is freak'n awesome. Although many people will be turned off by these changes, both hardcore and casual gamers will be able to enjoy this next chapter in Prince of Persia saga.For one thing, the graphics are absolutely stunning! Every towering palace, every corrupted minion, and every lush green tree is just unbelievably good looking. In addition to the environment, the Prince's sword swings...

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    A great new start 0

    In 2002, Ubisoft rebooted the Prince of Persia series with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It was criticly hailed as one of the best games of the last gen consules thanks to it’s great control, incredible graphics, unique platforming, and the ability to rewind time. There were 2 more games while not as good, but still great. For the next-gen consules, Ubisoft reboots the series yet again with Prince of Persia. The Story of the Prince of Persia tells that the Prince is now a thief. When he goes ...

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    Prince of Persia Review 0

    Prince of Persia is the latest entry into the series. This is a game that basically leaves the Sands of Time mechanics and goes off on its own little spin. You will be running on wall, ceilings, jumping from pillar to pillar, climbing all over the place, and battling demonic bosses. The graphics in the this game are stunning, there are a couple of glitches when it comes to landing from a huge jump, but that really rarely happens. The levels look amazing as well, and I have to say that I'm a huge...

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    i never die 0

    i am a big fan of the prince of persia series...and really i have to give a huge pat on the back to Ubisoft Montreal for completely changing a amazing francise..its a very risky move..i know a lot of people are probably thinking its a really really bad idea..but they do a very good job with Prince of Persia..its kinda rare..when you rewrite a francise and its the old PoP they sent like 6-10 guys at a time at you..but in the new get only one at a time..and most of the time you c...

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