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  • Addfwyn created a list Best of 2020.
  • Addfwyn wrote a review of Hades.
    A Masterpiece in What Roguelites Are and Still Can Be

    Reviewer’s Note: This was reviewed on the Mac version of the game, primarily using keyboard/mouse. It is also available on Windows and Nintendo Switch. Hades is Supergiant Games’s take on...

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  • Addfwyn wrote a review of The Last of Us Part II.
    An Unneeded Sequel - But a Welcome One

    In my opinion, TLOU was a perfect game that never needed a sequel, it is without a doubt one of my favourite games ever made. Consequently I was very skeptical of TLOU2, but for the most part was pro...

  • Addfwyn posted a message on the post The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

    Conceptually Devil in the Details seems like the most fun one to me by far, but I get that they went past it because it doesn't make a good audience game. Very much a kind of "Don't stop talking any n...

  • Addfwyn posted a message in the forum topic In Roguelites do you tend to go for short term or long term advantage?. on the General Discussion board

    I’ve been playing a lot of Hades recently too and I make the decision early into each run.If I get some early boons with good synergy, I keep it going and try for a complete run. If I’m struggling e...

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  • Addfwyn posted a message on the post Abby Russell's Top 10 Games of 2019.

    All this praise for outer wild makes me super curious, but I still have a pretty strong feeling I’ll hate it.I have this weird thing about real-time timers in games, but I cannot stand them. They cons...