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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Game Boy games I TOTALLY own

I mean "own" as in have in my possession; I haven't even beaten Tactics Ogre or Tactics Advance yet.

List items

  • This was absolute ballz.

  • Not getting this was impossible for me, even if the old-school slowness of the games scare me away when I try to play it again. I'm just too much in love with Phantasy Star (before it became Online) to deny this one (especially the first 2).

  • I like this game to a point, but it never felt nearly as rich. And Final Fantasy game makers have this tendency to totally mess with systems to the point where they can sometimes feel like experiments more than finished ideas. I think improving on old ideas makes more sense than trying to re-invent the system every time.

  • I think this game is damned fun. It annoys my SO though; not a big fan of the music. It helps scratch my Nectaris itch, while not actually being that close to Nectaris when you take in the battle and unit systems.

  • This one's a beast. It's like FFT without a few bells and whistles, but I guess since this game preceded FFT that's understandable. The game is a bit murky too, but now that the shine has sorta faded on FFT for me I think I'll get more out of this game.

  • I was going to get both the games in this series, but I wound up only getting the first because I figured I'd finish the first before moving on to the second. Well, never did finish it, so now I'm stuck with the first part of a two part game.

  • Confusing title, people. I think Mario Bros can be one of the most frustrating games I've ever played (the wood block zone in Super Mario Sunshine just about made me get one of those blood bursts our of the cranium you usually see in manga), but what gets me about this is the repetitious mario voices. Funny the first time, annoying subsequent times.

  • This game made me realize just why Castlevania is still a threat. I loved collecting cards and items, finding secrets, exploring the castle and seeing weird, fucked up enemies. 2D still rocks sometimes, folks.

  • This game is a bit of a surprise, just because of the amount of detail that went into it. You can sort of save your progress as you go, making it a lot nicer than I first assumed when I entered it on this list (after a long time of not playing it), but the controls and difficulty are borderline sadistic, making it hard for me to care as much as I could have if it were slightly better designed.

  • I absolutely love this game. Tactical combat, OK, but there's a death system that I think forces decisions to be more sensible, and a support system that fleshes out your characters really well.

  • Part of my used game bifecta. Similar in some ways to Circle of the Moon. Some things I like better (the soul system is growing on me a bit), while the animation and gothic feel don't quite work as well as Circle for me (at least so far).

  • I'm wondering if this is any different than the original Western release.